Why Twitter is Not Your Bae

Why Twitter is Not Your Bae

The problem isn’t that brands are using bae and other youth slang, it’s where they are using it – in social media venues that lack appropriate targeting, explains Jay Baer

Career Paths and Top Tips from 27 Big Company Social Media Professionals


It’s Opening Day of baseball season, so what better time to launch the first-ever Social Pros All-Stars baseball cards? See directly (and download) on Slideshare here What Is This All About? For more than two years, each week I’ve recorded an episode of the Social Pros podcast, where my co-hosts and I interview a social […]

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6 Skills You Need To Be A Social Media Professional


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Using Social to Put the “Culture” back in “Agriculture”

Jamie Vander Molen @jamie_vm and Ray Prock @rayprock

Jamie van der Molen, Community Manager at Dairy Management Inc., and Ray Prock, Board Member at Dairy Management Inc. and real live farmer, join the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss the growing and powerful presence of the agriculture industry in social media, humanizing the dairy industry, and how America feeds its families. Read […]

How to Utilize Social to Manage Customer Expectations

Tony Clark, Cedar Point Amusement Park

Tony Clark, Digital Communications Manager for Cedar Point Amusement Park, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss handling many followers and creating content with a small team, dealing with thousands of guests armed with mobile devices at all times, and using social to manage expectations for visitors. Read on for some of the […]

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How Social Media and Smartphones Breed a Petri Dish of Negativity

photo from Bigstock.com

It’s time to recalibrate your expectations about customer complaints. 57% of Americans will have a smartphone this year, meaning that the majority of your customers (and in some industries, the vast majority) now possess two things, at all times, in their pants: Access to almost the entirety of the world’s knowledge Several different mechanisms to […]

Social Media Lessons from the “Open Source” Movement

Chris Moody: Red Hat

Chris Moody, Senior Marketing Manager at Red Hat, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss “open source” as the original social media on the internet, why Red Hat is the #3 place to work according to Glass Door, and (shockingly) why Google+ is a better platform for his business purposes than Twitter. Read on for some […]

Social and News Media: More than Simply Cross Promotion


Jodi Gersh, Director of Social Media at Gannett Company, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss advertisers and sponsorship in the news media world, slowly moving many media giants up the “social” ladder, and the value of using social internally for enterprise solutions. Read on for some of the highlights or listen below for […]

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5 Keys to Effective Social Media and Content Insourcing

5 Keys to Effective Social Media and Content Insourcing

Last week, I wrote about Marcus Sheridan’s concept of “insourcing” and the need to expand your social media and content marketing beyond a centralized, command and control structure (typically led by marketing). At Convince & Convert, we get involved in these “insourcing” programs often, working with corporate clients to create social business structure that facilitates […]