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Linkedin – 22 Ways to Dominate


Linkedin is in a resurgence. Since adding applications and mimicking some other Facebook-style functionality, the Grandaddy of social networks is becoming more relevant. Its important to recognize that Linkedin has different demographics than Facebook, Myspace and other social networks. Linkedin is older (68% are 35+), wealthier (66% make $60/year+), and better educated (72% are college […]

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The Paradox of Social Media Control


As discussed recently in “Why Are We So Scared of Our Customers?” and “Presto, How Social Media Makes Bad News Good” I’m seeing the fear of negativity preventing more companies from embracing social media.  The typical social media objection is that if the company has a conversation with consumers in a public forum, the company […]

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Scott Monty – The Twitter 20 Twinterview about Social Media at Ford

Photo by Doug Haslam

Live from Marketing Profs Digital Mixer Scott Monty, the head of social media for Ford, participated in a Twitter 20 interview on October 23 and answered a wide range of questions about social media at big companies, and his ideas for the future of conversation marketing. Scott and myself and 248 other lucky folks were […]

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The Social Networking Friendship Development Scale


It used to be that you actually met someone in person first, and then developed and nurtured that relationship into its natural culmination – helping them move. The Web and social networking has changed that, and now friendships are developed in a variety of digital forums, eventually moving offline and becoming three dimensional. Below are […]

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A Conversation, Not a Monologue – Digital Marketing for Colleges


I just finished giving a speech at the western region meeting of the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations in Sedona, Arizona.  NCMPR is the association of community and technical college marketers. A really interesting group that needs to harness social media and work with prospective students on an individual, relevant, highly personal basis.  […]

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The 10 Strengths of the Agency of the Future

Web services giant Sapient recently fielded a national online digital marketing survey of more than 200 chief marketing officers (CMOs) and senior marketers responsible for managing digital budgets (among other things). Survey respondents were asked about the top qualities they sought in their advertising and marketing agencies in the coming year. Sapient’s Top 10 Wish […]