Why is Uber allergic to average

Why is Uber Allergic to Average

Uber’s five point scale is really a three-tenths of one point scale. Why are they (and increasingly, society) afraid of being average and three star ratings?

Is Shazam the Future of Mobile Marketing

Is Shazam the Future of Mobile Marketing?

Are we about to finally crack the mobile marketing code? iBeacons are about to hit the mainstream in the United States. The way an Apple iBeacon works is that a store, a retailer, a hotel or resort,  has a little device that sends out offers to your smartphone if you have the appropriate app installed. So […]

Social Media Strategy

How to Know if You’re Spread Too Thin in Social Media

Image from BigStock.com

Amazing how far the pendulum has swung for corporate social media. In just three years, we’ve moved from skepticism and suspicion of social media as an activity worthy of support, to the present scenario with rampant social participation proliferation. The most endangered word in social media today is “no” as social media managers and governance […]

Social Media Strategy

How Penn and Teller Turn the Audience Into Social Megaphones

Jay Baer and Teller

One of the biggest mistakes brands are making in social is overemphasizing their owned media and underemphasizing their earned media. Companies are spending time and riches to acquire a larger audience so that they can talk at more people, while simultaneously ignoring the simple truth that those people aren’t just message receptacles, but also megaphones […]