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4 Plausible Reasons Bezos Bought Washington Post


In this weirdly bandwidth-deficient edition of The Baer Facts, I talk with Kyle Lacy of ExactTarget about Jeff Bezos (of purchasing the Washington Post for $250 million, and what the possible motivations for such a seemingly counter-intuitive purchase might be. Note that he bought the company personally, not through The Purpose of the Post? I see four […]

Social Media Tools, Facebook

Silos, Facebook Advertising, and Opportunity


I was pissed. When I first heard the news that The Washington Post was spinning off a brand-new company to do Facebook-only consulting, I was incensed. Given that the future (and present) of marketing is multi-channel, multi-modal, cross-platform, and other hyphenates, why would an organization that theoretically “gets it” create a siloed professional services firm […]