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Gaining or keeping customers with content marketing, social media, digital, and customer experience is harder than ever, for two reasons.

First, ever-changing technology renders obsolete most plans and strategies that are older than just a few months.

Second, the expectations of customers and prospects are ever-escalating. What was fast, useful, or empathetic two years ago is simply commonplace today.

At Convince & Convert, we use our combined decades of experience working with the most iconic brands in the world to help you solve your marketing and customer experience problems.

While we customize every scope of work to meet the unique needs of each partner, much of our work focused on addressing issues like these:

  1. You continue to invest in content but are not seeing financial return.
  2. Your social media program has stopped yielding significant engagement and other desirable customer/prospect behaviors.
  3. You know you need to balance organic and paid social media, but don’t know what ratio and budgets are optimal.
  4. As content shifts to audio/video, you are uncertain what kind of resources or org chart you need to execute successfully.
  5. The success metrics used to measure content/social/digital don’t sufficiently reflect actual business outcomes.
  6. You believe existing marketing plans are too broad and vague, but aren’t sure how to boost relevancy by targeting specific customer needs and personas.
  7. Customer churn is higher than desirable, and you’re uncertain which customer experience interactions to address to slow defections.
  8. Customers expect to interact instantly with your organization everywhere online, and you’re not sure how/where/when to resource, monitor, and answer.
  9. You’re uncertain whether/how to launch an initiative in messaging/conversational marketing, chatbots, and/or voice-activated content.
  10. Results of your email marketing continue to slide. Why?
  11. You know your digital program needs a widespread overhaul, but what should the priorities and dependencies be?
  12. Competitors are outflanking you in digital and/or customer experience. Should you match what they are doing? How?
  13. Your customer experience is not talkable or differentiated enough to produce proactive word of mouth. How can this be fixed?
  14. You want to boost awareness and category thought leadership by producing original research. How?
  15. You want to level up your team on social/content/digital and need a workshop to do so.
  16. You believe episodic, binge-worthy content will boost engagement, but aren’t sure what your “shows” should be, or how to produce them.
  17. Influencers may be an effective method of increasing reach and elevating trust and relevancy, but you’re not certain how to identify and “manage” the right influencers in your category.

Our clients and case studies speak for themselves. Can we help you?

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