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How Marketers Are Optimizing Their Email Marketing, According to Research

When most marketers consider how to optimize their email program, they think about how to write compelling copy and calls-to-action (CTAs). Yes, copy and CTAs are important. But there is more that marketers need to consider as they work to optimize their email program. Email marketing has been evolving for decades and still remains one […]

The 5 Features You Should Be Using In Your Email Marketing App

After you sign up for an email marketing app, you might feel like you’re starting with a blank slate. Even if you have a lengthy email list, it’s hard to know how to reach and connect with your subscribers. Maybe you’re already using email marketing apps, but you aren’t getting the most from your sends. […]

How to Write the Perfect Email Subject Line

Every year, you hear this absurd statement, “Email marketing is dead”. But the fact is email is very much alive and intends to stand the test of time for the foreseeable future. The data doesn’t lie: In 2018, global email users amounted to 3.8 billion users. 93% of B2B marketers use email to distribute content. […]

How to Grow Your Email List

Growing your email list and getting your readers to opt-in is getting harder and harder these days. With web users growing more overwhelmed with content being served to them from all over the world, they have less time to pause and read closely. And they are even less willing to become your regular readers and […]

10 Email Marketing Mistakes You’re Making — How to Avoid Them

Today’s marketers are in a whole new world, as technology allows you to gather fresh leads online while also improving customer retention. However, poorly designed email campaigns damage reputations and send pitches straight to the spam folder.  Many newbies (and even seasoned marketers) commit common faux pas when deploying emails. Avoid making 10 of the […]

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Not interested in hearing about Transform Your Content Marketing Course? No problem! You are now unsubscribed from all emails about Transform Your Content Marketing Course. You’ll still receive our weekly newsletter with the best content on content marketing, customer service, digital marketing, word of mouth marketing and more. I’ll still send you an update here and […]

2019 Email Marketing Research: 4 Key Findings to Improve Your Results

Email marketing may not be a new marketing tactic. In fact, the first electronic mail was sent in 1971, the first email marketing blast was sent in 1978, and in 2018, it was estimated that 124.5 billion emails were sent out.  Yes, email marketing is an established tool in your toolbox. But should not assume […]

5 Reasons to Embrace Email Unsubscribes

Brace yourself: email unsubscribes are not necessarily bad. That may seem counter-intuitive. After all, isn’t list size one of the key metrics we’re supposed to report up to senior management? Aren’t we always looking for more and more subscribers? Isn’t list growth a key measure of how well our advertising, marketing and content are performing? […]

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How Successful Marketers Combine Content and Email Marketing

It is hard, if not impossible, for a marketer to finish their first cup of coffee in the morning before they either send out an email campaign or work on a content piece.  And when you combine email and content marketing strategies, you are guaranteed to have a great morning! Email and content marketing is […]

5 Ways to Make Your Email More Awesome

Email marketing hasn’t changed much in the past 20 years. That being said, tremendous opportunities still exist to improve your results. Last month, Jay Baer presented a webinar with Rachel Insler, Patina Restaurant Group’s Director of Marketing, and our friends at Emma, and revealed just how to do that. I’ve been in email marketing for […]

5 Questions About 2018 Email Marketing Research

For the past 10 years, my friend Loren McDonald (formerly of Silverpop, now an Evangelist at IBM’s Watson Marketing division) has authored an annual email benchmark report, looking at how email programs from different types of company fare around the world. The 2018 edition of the Email and Mobile Metrics Marketing Benchmark Report is out, […]

Email Marketing High Five!

Hi and thank you. Thank you so much for downloading “7 Differences in Major Brands’ Acceptable vs. Exceptional Email Programs.” The key to relevancy in email is abandoning the notion that our service or product sales message is what the recipient wants to receive. Improve your relevancy by focusing your efforts on these seven key […]

Email Marketing Consulting

Nobody ever says “I sure wish I could get more email.” Even though it gets a bad rap, email is still the spine of all digital marketing. After all, you must have an email address to even create an account on a social network! And in B2B, what do marketing and sales teams use to […]

How Engagio Is Winning With Email

Brandon Redlinger, Director of Growth at Engagio, joins the Content Pros Podcast to share how they have found a winning strategy by embracing the classic content vehicle of email.

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