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Meet Amanda



Fact #1

Amanda is located in Atlanta, GA.

Fact #2

Amanda graduated from University of Georgia.

Fact #3

Amanda loves to cook, garden, play tennis, allow her toddler to teach her Spanish.

The Details

Amanda joined the Convince & Convert team in 2022, previously leading the content marketing vertical of a global digital marketing agency. She brings exceptional campaign planning, brand positioning, and data analysis to the strategy team.

Amanda’s work ranges from go-to-market strategies for startups and new product launches for emerging consumer brands like Martha Stewart CBD, to defining digital communication transformation for Fortune 500 companies such as Nissan Motor Corp, to influencer, partnershipand media distribution planning for mass consumer brands like Target, as well as leading integrated content and creative strategies for several top universities in the U.S.

Amanda thrives at the intersection of content marketing and performance marketing to drive brand growth and scale, designing functional channel mix strategies fueled by creative insights. To that end, you’ll most certainly get the question “can I get access to that data?” no less than 10 times from her.

She and her husband always have at least five home projects going at once and you will most certainly hear construction noise, her dog, or her 1 year old in the background of Zoom calls. Sometimes all three!