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Boost Your Content Marketing ROI With This Secret Weapon

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Every marketer is in constant need of more resources. Between inbound, outbound, and all-around costly marketing techniques, we’re always scraping by to keep pace with the industry.

But what if I told you that your office is actually a bottomless resource well?

No, I didn’t convince your CFO to magically grant you a limitless budget. I am, however, going to do the next best thing and open your eyes to the amazing resources you already have: EGC is the Key Content Marketing Trend.

As marketers, we tend to silo ourselves and struggle to play nice with sales, customer service, or any other departments because we’re so focused on generating interest around the company. We forget that the people who are best-equipped to help us pique audience interest are the ones working with customers day in and day out.

By learning how to utilize your employees as resources and showing them the value of contributing, your company can accomplish much more with content marketing.

Here are three ways to harness the power of your employees.

Tap Into Your Team’s Collective Knowledge

Companies don’t retain knowledge—the people behind them do. By using a company knowledge bank, you can begin to harvest those insights and organize them in an easy-to-access format. You can then shape that information into compelling articles, web copy, whitepapers, and more and leverage those resources across the team. Test out a few of these strategies to start extracting your team’s knowledge:

Leverage Employee Networks Through an Advocacy Program

Each time someone in the company publishes a piece of content, you should have a built-in distribution channel (a.k.a. your employees) sharing it with their networks. Encourage your employees to share articles through an employee advocacy program, or use software such as Dynamic Signal to make this extremely easy for them. You’ll get your content in front of new eyeballs while helping employees build their professional brands.

Work with the C-Suite to Publish Content and Boost Their Executive Profiles

Hopefully, you have some established experts on your team who carry some credibility in the industry. If so, help them write articles for industry publications that reach your target audience. You can then utilize these articles as top-of-the-funnel content for your marketing campaign by drawing prospects in and encouraging them to learn more about the company in the byline.

However, without established processes in place, this can all feel pretty daunting. Here are a few tips for streamlining the process:


Lastly, don’t forget to share the results of your content marketing efforts with the team. It can be difficult to rally team members behind your efforts and get them to answer questions, share articles, and be involved throughout the content creation process if they don’t understand its goals. Show them how they’re helping you accomplish crucial company objectives, and they’ll be more willing to join in.

In the end, you’re driving new sales, creating valuable sales collateral, boosting employee and company reputations, and growing the company, which is all any marketer could hope for.

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