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new-social-media-blogNotice something different?

Greetings. Happy President’s Day. 

Although not rivaling the birthdays (observed) of some of America’s great leaders, it’s a big day here at Convince & Convert mobile global headquarters (which today brings me to Las Vegas for my son’s hockey tournament). 

New Convince & Convert Blog Launches

Today marks the official launch of the all-new Convince & Convert blog. I’ve worked with Unique Blog Designs and Chuck Reynolds to make this new version easier for you to read, comment, and interact. I wrote a post about the changes and why I feel they are important. 

I think we have most of the bugs worked out, but please let me know if you find any issues with the new site. And your comments about it are very much welcomed.

Free Social Media Webinar

Tomorrow (Tuesday, February 17) I’m conducting a free, 30-minute Webinar at 2pm eastern, courtesy of my friends at Web conferencing service ilinc.

Marketing Sideways to Win at Social Media 

The Webinar is focused on marketing anthropology, and finding the one element of your company or organization that’s inherently interesting, and building your social media “brand” around it. I hope you’ll join me. If you can’t make it, I’ll post the slides (and/or a link to the recorded Webinar) here. 

Sincere thanks for your continued support of me and Convince & Convert. Viva Los Presidentes.

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