Treadmill Desk and Multi-tasking

Here’s video proof of my new treadmill desk. I like it a lot. I have significantly more energy in the afternoons, and while I’m not logging a ton of miles (too much travel inhibits usage), I figure 2.5 miles/day (approximately) whenever I’m home is a net positive. I can type (I wrote this blog post while on it), create presentations, do spreadsheets, and even write hand-written notes. The writing is the hardest part, but it’s not a big drawback for me because nobody can read my writing even if I’m not moving. Too many years on a keyboard, I suppose.

Treadmill Desk Equipment

While you can definitely make your own treadmill desk, I opted for the safety and security and ease of a purchased version. I use the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk
(affiliate). I got it on Amazon for about $479.

I use a Pro-Form CR 610 treadmill. It’s a mid-range model, but certainly does everything I need it to do – which is very little. Set it at .8 miles per hour on a 1.5% incline, and get walking! The desk fits right over the top of it, and is height adjustable for people of all sizes.

I only have two problems with my treadmill desk (one is pretty funny). Watch the short video to see what they are.

If you have the space and the inclination, I definitely recommend the treadmill desk. It’s multi-tasking at its finest.

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