And They’re Off…Palin PPC Finalists Selected…Ads Live on Google

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Palin PPC contest (see post below).

It was difficult to select 4 ads to test live on Google, but ultimately I choose these:

Sarah Palin’s Secrets
What the GOP doesn’t want you to
know about McCain’s running mate

from James Archer (@jamesarcher)
I like this one because it’s a solid tease with a lefty slant.

Sarah Palin Revealed
What makes her so special
and why the Democrats should worry

from Johnny M (@thesoop)
This is a great counterbalance to the first one. Similar approach with a righty slant.

Who is Sarah Palin?
Exclusive stories, photos and more
on the Vice Presidential candidate

from Russ Hollmann (@hollmann)
This one is very plausible as an actual ad. I’m interested to see the CPC of this more factual approach.

Lastly, but not leastly….

McCain is 72 Years Old
Avg US life expectancy is 78 years.
Is Palin qualified? Read this.

From Tony Sirois (@tbonemalone)
Solid. I love that this effort hits right at the core issue of Palin and does it in 15 words.

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What? No Nudity?

Certainly, there were some entries that probably would have generated a higher CTR than those above. However, since I have to actually build an ad group and run these ads – and link them to a landing page – I wanted to stay away from anything along the “Palin: Naked and covered in Skippy peanut butter” vein.

All good interactive marketers know that it’s not about clicks, it’s about qualified clicks, so I selected the 4 finalists in that spirit.

I’m running the same display URL for all ads since it fits all of the ads. I scoured the Web and found different news coverage and blog posts about Palin to fit each of the ads, in an effort to keep Quality Score high enough to keep the ads live.

Cheaters Never Win

Finalists, please don’t recruit an army of friends to click on your entry so you can win my $200. Hopefully, you value the scientific and social media nature of this experiment enough to not do that. I reserve the right to not pay you if I think you gamed the system.

Ads should be live until Thursday night – again assuming the CTR stays high enough for them to keep running. Results will be announced on Friday. Thanks for playing!

Who Do You Think Will Win? Make Your Prediction In The Comments

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