I Need Your Help Today

I Need Your Help Today

My new book, Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers launches today and I need your help.

If you haven’t purchased a copy yet (many of you have, thank you!) please do so today at Amazon.

Why I Wrote This Book

Through our consulting practice here at Convince & Convert, my colleagues and I discovered that customer service is being disrupted in the same ways and for the same reasons that marketing has been disrupted – mobile, Millennials, social media.

There are hundreds of books on marketing disruption (4 from me), but Hug Your Haters is the first and only book about customer service disruption.

Why the Book is Different

Most business books are based on advice and anecdote (including my previous works). It’s essentially some form of, “I do this all the time. You don’t, so trust me when I tell you what to do.”

But that won’t work in customer service. Why? Because you don’t think you need a book on customer service, do you? But you do.

80% of companies say they deliver superior customer service. 8% of their customers agree.

Screenshot_2_27_16,_12_49_PMSo to help me convince readers that they needed to fundamentally change everything about their customer service and customer experience programs, I partnered with Edison Research on a massive study on the Science of Complaints. Just about everything in this book is backed up by serious research. These are facts, not suggestions.

Why this Isn’t the Book I Thought I Was Going to Write

I started out to write a book about speed. My thesis was that speed is the killer differentiator in today’s right now society. But based on the research I conducted with Edison, I discovered that speed is important, but not most important.

The most important element of modern customer service is just showing up.

About 1/3 of all customer complaints are ignored today, and most of those are online and in public. That’s both a huge problem and an enormous opportunity. So, I wrote a book about how to make that work, for every business. Will you consider buying a copy today?

Every copy of Hug Your Haters includes The Hatrix – a poster that showcases the most important data. And, the book includes a quick reference guide so you can easily refer back to the main points over time.

Why this Book is For You

I very carefully selected the examples, interviews, case studies, and research in Hug Your Haters so that it is relevant to all audiences. There are B2B examples and B2C examples. There are examples from US companies, and examples from around the world. There are big company examples, and small company examples.

Here’s just a little bit of what it includes:

1. The two types of Haters and what they want from you when they complain

2. How to handle trolls

3. How to measure customer service the right way

4. The precise customer loyalty impacts of answering complaints (or not answering) by channel

5. Why you need to answer every complaint, in every channel, every time

6. A specific framework for exactly how to answer private complaints

7. A specific framework for exactly how to answer public complaints

8. Where you should spend most of your time in social media

9. How fast you need to be when responding to customers, by channel

10. The future of customer service, including specialized apps and new technologies

11. Software recommendations for handling online and offline customer service for both small and large businesses

Please Do It Today

HYH-2If you buy the book today and send me your receipt at Jay@JayBaer.com you’ll get access to a lot of great bonuses including $200 off my forthcoming Keep Your Customers course.

You can also get a personal invitation to the amazing Hug Your Haters Facebook group that is already the #1 online community for customer service and customer experience.

And there are a ton of other bonus content opportunities for you too. Go to HugYourHaters.com to see them all.

Customer Service IS the New Marketing

I want to help you dominate customer service the same way I’ve been helping you dominate marketing for years and years.

My team and I publish 600 blog posts per year, 250 podcasts per year, and 200 curated emails per year. All for free, and all for amazing friends, marketers, customer service pros, and business owners like you.

Now, I need your help. Please buy Hug Your Haters today.

My Guarantee to You

Find out why Guy Kawasaki says Hug Your Haters is a “Landmark book in the history of customer service.”

If you buy the book and don’t like it, I’ll personally refund your money.

Thank you as always for always having my back. I don’t take it lightly and I don’t take it for granted.

Keep on hugging!

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