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I’m Jay Baer. I teach business leaders and owners how to harness the awesome power of social media without forgetting that social media is an ingredient in a successful business, not the whole entree.

One of America’s Top 3 Social Media Consultants

Along with my consulting firm, Convince & Convert, I provide social media strategic planning and counsel to some of America’s largest companies. I’ve been a digital marketing consultant since 1994, and have worked with 29 of the Fortune 500.

Current or recent clients include Sony, MetLife, Allstate, California Travel & Tourism Commission, Billabong, and Caterpillar.

For more about the social media and content strategy services provided by Convince & Convert, see our social media consulting page.

Successful Author

My first book, The NOW Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Company Faster, Smarter, and More Social is an acclaimed resource for companies trying to BE social, not just DO social media. Written with Amber Naslund, it’s currently being revised for a paperback edition.

My blog www.convinceandconvert.com (you might have been reading it just a moment ago) is presently ranked as the #1 content marketing blog in the world, the #3 social media blog in the world, and the #18 overall marketing resource in the world.

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Keynote Speaker

As an acclaimed keynote speaker I wow audiences with my humor, practical examples, and ability to customize my presentations for groups in any industry. I present more than 75 speeches per year, to audiences as large as 5,000 people.

To see most-requested keynote topics and sample presentations, or to check current schedule, please visit my speaking site at Jaybaer.com.

Go-to Media Source

I’m frequently quoted by the press about social media and its impact on business and companies. Recent appearances include USA Today, MSNBC, Fast Company Magazine, and Inc. Magazine. To schedule a media interview with me, click here.

Here’s an interview I did with Steve Lundin at Big Frontier in Chicago:

Early Background

I grew up in Lake Havasu City, Arizona which has the dual distinctions of being both the hottest city in the U.S., and the American home of the London Bridge.

I graduated Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Arizona. I attended as a Flinn Scholar, a prestigious full-ride scholarship awarded to the top 20 high school seniors in the state. While at UA, I was the President of the student union, and oversaw the production of something like 300 events each year. I also co-founded the university’s first student radio station, KAMP, which is still on-air.

A poli sci major, I started my professional career as a political consultant, managing campaigns for state-wide, Congressional, and gubernatorial races.

I recognized after a while, however, that the nomadic lifestyle of the politico wasn’t conducive to marital bliss or family harmony, so I figured that if I could get some guy elected to whatever, I could market and sell product X too. So I made the move into marketing and public relations, working on projects for PepsiCo, Anheuser-Busch, and other major companies.

For a few years, I was the marketing guy for Waste Management, Inc. for the southwest region, and to this day I can tell you more about landfill design and recycling nuances than ANYONE else in social media and digital marketing.

I also took an ill-fated turn on the government service merry-go-round, working as the spokesman for the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections (I am not making this up). My primary job was to give tours of the juvenile prison. Indeed, that was just as fun as it sounds, and my government career lasted approximately 120 days.


When I’d given just about enough prison tours to go crazy, I was saved by my friends from college who had started the very first Internet company in Arizona, Internet Direct. They needed marketing help. I needed any job other than the one I had. Perfect! I became in 1994 the Vice President of an Internet company without ever having been on the Internet.

My partner invented Web hosting. Before he created the partitioning algorithm, you had to have a separate web server for each domain name. This of course was quite an advance, and we grew from a few customers in Arizona to thousands of customers in 23 countries in approximately 8 weeks.

I was the eldest VP at the advanced age of 24. The company ended up being sold to Mindspring (which is now Earthlink).

I next became the co-founder and General Manager of azfamily.com, a pioneering local content website and Web design firm. At one time we were the second-largest local TV station website in the U.S., doing many millions of page views monthly. These were such early days of the Web that I literally outlined the first site structure on a paper plate in my backyard.

In addition to our content site, we worked on major Web design projects, most notably John McCain’s website when he ran for President the first time, in 2000. Shortly thereafter, the company was sold to BELO Corporation (a publicly-traded media conglomerate).

I moved on to become senior VP for visitalk.com, a voice and video over IP startup that was essentially Skype several years before Skype existed. The dot com bust happened right about then, so I opened my own firm.

My company Mighty Interactive became a leading digital agency in the southwest, being named Arizona’s best digital firm for five consecutive years, and winning many national and global awards. We did great work for many leading companies, and sold the firm to integrated agency Off Madison Ave in 2005.

I started Convince & Convert to provide hype-free social media strategy in 2008, and began my very popular blog at the same time.

About a year ago, I moved my family from AZ to Bloomington, Indiana where the humidity is high, but it’s an amazing college town with lots to do and great schools.

When I’m not giving speeches, writing blog posts, or consulting I like a good tequila or red wine, a solid theatrical performance, a great NFL game, and time with my two kids.

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