How Automation and Emotion Can Work Together in Content Marketing

Rachel Truair, Chief of Staff at, stops by the Content Pros Podcast today with PetRelocation’s Content Marketing Manager, Caitlin Moore, to discuss the vital role of marketing automation in a small content marketing team, the power of user-generated content to connect emotionally with potential customers, and the ability to leverage your sales and customer care teams’ pool of knowledge.

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It’s About the Customer Journey is a door-to-door pet moving service. Rachel Truair, Chief of Staff, and Caitlin Moore, Content Marketing Specialist, are in Texas where the company is based. However, PetRelocation provides services for pets that are moving all over the world. For example, if a pet needs to be moved from San Francisco to Shanghai, PetRelocation handles all of the paperwork, arranges for a pet-safe, pet-friendly flight, clears the pet through customs, and gets it delivered to its new home.

You would think that, given its furry clients, PetRelocation could just market themselves by posting cute pictures of puppies and kittens and call it a day, but Rachel says that’s not the case. They identified early on that a solid content strategy surrounding customers’ pain points was the only way to market the company.

They have become a trusted authority by answering questions and solving problems for potential customers through their content. This has also greatly increased organic search traffic to their website.

“We really had to get beneath the surface of what our potential customers’ questions and needs might be to ensure that they were getting the answers they were looking for.”

If you are starting from scratch with your content marketing, Rachel has a recommendation:

“We all create content in one fashion or the other, whether it’s on the phone or sending emails to potential customers, or creating manuals for employees. Whatever you’re currently doing to create content and clarity around your product or service, look at what maybe you could do with that to potentially drive customers.”

Often in sales or customer care, you are answering the same questions over and over. Find out what those questions are and start creating content around them.

Another thing Rachel always keeps in mind is the “marketing iceberg.” A potential customer might ask lots of questions, but not come out and say what’s driving those questions. Whether buying marketing software or moving your pet, there is always emotion involved in making the decision. You need to tap into the emotion underneath all of the questions. “Getting beneath the iceberg of your marketing strategy is really important if you want to tap into that emotional need.”

PetRelocation has done this by utilizing user-generated content to share stories that potential customers can connect with emotionally. For example, there is a dedicated Pinterest board to globetrotting pets (pets who have actually moved using PetRelocation). Caitlin tells us collecting content is as easy as asking clients if they’re willing to fill out a form on the PetRelocation website. A lot of people do, because they’re so happy when they are reunited with their pets at the end of a move. “We just ask them to share their story.”

globetrotting pets

The PetRelocation marketing team is small, so they rely on their sales and client care team to help pull in user-generated content. Then Oracle is utilized to manage incoming content and automate inbound marketing. For example, someone moving a put to Singapore will get a very different piece of content than someone moving a cat to London.

Rachel and the team found that when prospective customers could see stories from actual customers that were tailored specifically to their situation, they were 150% more likely to become a customer. But there are far too many leads to do this manually. “If we didn’t have a really strong technology behind our efforts, it would be very challenging to do all the marketing that we have been doing with such a small team.” 

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Caitlin: “I was an animal lover as a kid and I did definitely wanted to be a veterinarian. I had that stage in my life. Maybe it’s a little bit of a cliche, but it’s true.”

Rachel: “I love to write so I wanted to be a journalist, but I also loved riding horses. I wanted to be a professional horseback rider.”

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