Be More Productive in Social Than You Ever Thought Possible

David Horsager, business strategist and best-selling author of “The Trust Edge,” provides concrete steps to increase productivity and deepen relationships while maintaining peak creativity.

In This Episode:

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Being successful in social can mean juggling a gazillion different responsibilities which sometimes (okay, maybe more than sometimes) results in a stream of tasks that never seem to get done.

To add insult to injury, it’s hard to think creatively when bogged down and overwhelmed by a never-ending to-do list.

Thankfully, David Horsager is here to save the day by discussing his latest book, “The Daily Edge.” Over many years spent working with the world’s most successful people, David has developed and adopted dozens of extraordinarily practical time- and energy-saving techniques that could help today’s social pros manage minutia while maintaining and deepening the connection to their community. He’s taken this knowledge and broken it down for us into tangible steps that listeners can incorporate into their own lives right away.

By applying some of his go-to tips for decluttering your professional life, you can get back to focusing on what you love about your job: creating and expanding relationships through creative social engagement.

In This Episode

  • Why “to-do-list-itis” leads to burn-out and how you can break the habit
  • How prioritizing your day down to five difference-making tasks can revolutionize an organization
  • Why you should avoid checking your email during the first hour of every work day
  • How harnessing your daily energy schedule can turn every day into a power day
  • Forget 21 days, it’s all about 90 days

Quotes From This Episode

“We believe—from financial institutions to governments—the great ones are built on trusted relationships.” —@DavidHorsager

“It’s great to be productive and get results, but not at the expense of people.” —@DavidHorsager

“Do what needs to be done the most first.” —@DavidHorsager

“When we can just focus, that focus really leads to great things.” —@DavidHorsager

“My whole day was better because I did the easy things when my day was harder, and I did the hardest things when I’m at my best.” —@DavidHorsager



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