How A Ginormous Accounting Firm Uses Snapchat Like a Boss

Chris Sedlak, Public Relations and Social Media Manager for PwC, joins the Social Pros Podcast to discuss how the right personal branding on social can jumpstart your career, cultivate prospects, and turn customers into advocates.

In This Episode:

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chris-sedlak-instagramImpacting Business With Personal Brands

We all know that it is important, as marketing professionals, to maintain some level of personal branding outside your employer. It allows you to practice and hone your craft while making you a more marketable subject matter expert in the field.

One aspect of personal branding that can be overlooked is its importance to building a company’s customer base.

An employee that is active and familiar online can draw positive attention to your company. By being associated with a well-known and respected persona, prospects are more likely to become customers and customers are more likely to become advocates.

In order to ensure this mutually beneficial arrangement prospers, leadership needs to be on board and supportive of an employee’s personal branding. Chris takes this one step further by directly offering guidance and opportunity for staff to develop and disseminate their personal brand outside of work.

He has seen this approach pay off in spades through corporate hashtags that reach viral status and prospects that immediately recognize and comfortably engage with employees.

In This Episode

  • Why success on social for any brand means a strong and collaborative relationship with leadership
  • How building the social confidence of your subject matter experts leads to better campaigns
  • Why an impactful employee engagement effort means selecting a platform that reflects their interests
  • How active employees on social leads to client retention, loyalty, and advocacy through enhanced brand awareness


Quotes From This Episode

“For any brand to be successful on social is to have a collaborative and a strong relationship with their leadership team.” —@ChrisSedlak

“Collectively, our brand is stronger online the more engaged our individual people are.” —@ChrisSedlak

“You can’t control the perceptions that people make about you, but you can influence those perceptions with the way your profiles are presented and the content that you share.” —@ChrisSedlak

Original content creation is one of the hardest things to do.” —@ChrisSedlak

“Having a social footprint is one of the strongest personal business assets that you can have as a business professional.” —@ChrisSedlak

“The blog is the new resume.” —@ChrisSedlak

“I was at a disadvantage because my online presence didn’t match the brand I wanted to be presenting into the market.” —@ChrisSedlak



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