How Third-Party Content Converts Fans Into Customers

Matthew Grant, Director of Content Strategy at Aberdeen Group, joins the Content Pros Podcast to discuss the power of third party content to engage, convert, and keep customers.

In This Episode:

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Many B2B marketers use content to move prospects through the sales funnel. However, rarely do marketers speak to customers, let alone know what a prospective buyer is looking for at any particular point in their journey. A lot of the content curation stems from speculation on the part of the content marketer which leads to trial-and-error marketing.

Matt has experience with several tools that remove the guesswork from content. With a combination of third-party content, surveys, and old-fashioned detective work, any B2B content marketer can turn their campaigns into conversion machines.

In particular, content purchased or acquired from an outside company is especially useful for turning a prospect into a customer. Even though they might not always know or investigate the quality of third party content, they trust their conclusions over a company’s testimonial. This makes it an efficient and impactful alternative to spending time and energy curating your own content.

Matt shares and explores this tip and many others that will help round out and energize your content marketing campaigns.

In This Episode

  • Why convincing content means sourcing it from outside your company
  • The power of surveys in curating relevant content
  • How content more often leads to identifying where a buyer is in their journey instead of pushing them along the funnel
  • Why finding out what your customers consider valuable is easy yet rarely done


Quotes From This Episode

“We are selling the content you’re producing rather than using content to sell something else.” —@MattTGrant

“A lot of the money from the content side of the business comes from made-to-order content.” —@MattTGrant

“We want to make sure that we’re serving the market things that are of interest to potential buyers of our content.” —@MattTGrant

“We’re looking at how companies use technology to accomplish certain things.” —@MattTGrant

“It’s not always the case that the best in class are kicking everybody else’s ass.” —@MattTGrant

“One of the things we are struggling with is perceived value.” —@MattTGrant

“We are working on people’s expectations of what does content look like.” —@MattTGrant

“Why are you guessing what your buyers are thinking? Why don’t you literally ask them?” —@MattTGrant


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