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How to Build an Influencer Empire

Authors: Todd Berkowitz Olfa Turki
Posted Under: Influence Pros Podcast
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Olfa Turki, Founder & Editor of Our Family World, joins the Influence Pros Podcast to talk about the power of evergreen content, focusing on your audience, and why keeping your voice consistent is key.

olfa-turki_instagramFortune Favors the Bold

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again, no?
Absolutely! Olfa Turki started a small blogging venture in order to share parenting tips with friends. After much experimentation and trial and error, her site, Our Family World, has become a successful and popular family blog. Olfa believes in helping others, working hard, maintaining relationships, keeping your voice consistent, and she never publishes articles on products she does not believe in. She also stresses that listening to your audience and publishing content that solves their problems and concerns is key.
Our Family World is a family-centric blog that strives to give families healthy solutions in a busy world, as well as tips to combat bullying. It’s become an online stop for all family needs including fertility, pregnancy, baby care, child wellness, recipes, entertainment, and family travel.

In This Episode

  • Why it helps to truly care about the topics you are blogging about
  • How to listen to your audience to understand what they want
  • Why evergreen content is always in demand for brands
  • How to maintain relationships by following up on all correspondence
  • Why it is so important to stay consistent in your voice


Quotes From This Episode

“It’s all about teamwork. Communication is key with brands.” —@OurFamilyWorld
“If it’s good—if the people like it and share it—it never dies.” —@OurFamilyWorld
“If we don’t believe in a product or service or we don’t think it’s a fit for us, we don’t publish.” —@OurFamilyWorld

“I think video content is, and will be, very present in 2017. And if there is any one hesitation about video, I would say, ‘Don’t be hesitant because it’s the future.’ It’s very fun, you know? I love watching video.” —@OurFamilyWorld

“I’m not afraid of failure and, you know, it’s okay. At least I tried.” —@OurFamilyWorld
“It’s a lot of work, and I take the relationships very seriously. I reply to every single email I get.” —@OurFamilyWorld
“We were seeing more and more brand partners. They want our pictures, they want our videos, they want the content to be evergreen.” —@OurFamilyWorld



Would You Rather

Would you rather win the Nobel Peace Prize with no money attached to it or receive the $1.2 million that comes with the prize but not get any recognition that you won?
Oh God, I don’t want to sound like I’m a money hunter, but I would get the $1 million. I am very competitive. Because, with the $1 million, I could build stuff and then I could get the recognition.
Would you rather always be noticeably late, or always be awkwardly early?
Oh, awkwardly early. I can’t be late.
Would you rather that you had neighbors that were too nosey or too noisy?
I think I wouldn’t mind the nosey because I can handle nosey people and I can put some limits. Whereas the noisy, it will disturb my family and the kids and whatever, and I don’t want to go out at 1:00 a.m. and knock on people. Nosey, yeah, I don’t mind, because I can deal with that.

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