How to Use Freelancers to Invigorate Your Content Marketing

Jennifer Goforth Gregory, Freelance B2B Content Marketing Writer and Strategist, joins the Content Pros Podcast to share her insight into how freelance marketers can add value to your content strategy.

In This Episode:

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jennifer-gregory-instagramBring In the Reinforcements!

Sometimes the hardest part of content marketing is managing the staffing needs. One moment you have a huge list of content to create for a new product launch and not nearly enough marketers to manage it all. Then when it’s over, and you’ve built a team to capacity, you have a department full of content marketers twiddling their thumbs until the next major launch.

Another tricky realm is the generalist versus the specialist. For complex products, a specialist on the team can be worth their weight in gold when it comes to detailed collateral for an educated audience. At the same time, a generalist is a handy jack-of-all-trades to have around for surface-level materials and diverse strategy execution. But what if you only have the budget for one?

For these types of problems and more, employing a freelance content marketer can be the answer. A professional freelancer can support your full-time staff during crunch time or augment your campaigns, filling in whatever knowledge gaps that may exist on your team.

As a seasoned freelance content marketing writer and strategist, Jennifer shares the benefits of contracting a freelancer, how to find the right fit for your team, and how to set your freelancer up for success.

In This Episode

  • How employing a freelance content writer leads to valuable external insight into your product
  • Why quickly curating well-rounded, varied content means tapping into the wide-ranging expertise of a veteran freelancer
  • How marketing’s seasonal workflow leads to a staffing puzzle that freelancers can solve
  • Why goals are more important than deliverables when it comes to bringing on a freelancer for strategy work


Quotes From This Episode

“I see the world from a larger perspective than you do working within the four walls focused on a very specific product.” —@ByJenGregory

Nothing is in a silo anymore. Everything affects everything else.” —@ByJenGregory

“You want to make sure you are a fit for their team as well.” —@ByJenGregory

“You can’t write about one topic without blending into another.” —@ByJenGregory

“When you’re looking to hire somebody you want to be looking for the professional freelancer.” —@ByJenGregory



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