How to Use Interactive Video to Double Your Conversions

Dana Fugate, Director of Content at Brightcove, joins the Content Pros Podcast to discuss how video content marketing is transforming the customer experience, from conversion to retention.

In This Episode:

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On the surface, video content production appears to be a whole new medium that requires training, equipment, and an eye for visual art. Some would even call it a specialty field of marketing unto itself.

Dana disagrees with this impression and knows how to incorporate video into a marketing plan so that it’s approachable, impactful, and (most importantly) effortless for everybody involved.

Video has a way of connecting with consumers that text on its own cannot accomplish. This, combined with the rise in mobile video consumption, means that smartly applying video on your site can help you connect on a deeper level with your buyer no matter where they are.

Through thoughtful prep and an awareness of the customer’s journey, Dana has helped some of her clients to double their conversions and achieve 70% retainment by properly utilizing video content throughout the sales funnel.

In This Episode

  • How well placed video content leads to a better connection with buyers
  • Why utilizing video doesn’t mean investing in expensive equipment or training
  • How video can lead customers all the way through the funnel, from conversion to retention
  • Why a smart marketing plan means incorporating video content on your homepage
  • How integrating your platform with marketing automation and CRM leads to a deep understanding of your customers through video metrics


Quotes From This Episode

“Video marketing is not a whole new field where you have to figure out new rules or regulations. It’s the same thing using a new format.” —@DanaFugate1

“Video connects with people in a way that the written word doesn’t.”—@DanaFugate1

“You need to have video as a big part of your strategy.” —@DanaFugate1

“We were able to help people understand smart marketing and how video fits into that.” —@DanaFugate1

“Video can and should be used.” —@DanaFugate1

“A lot of times what you’re building on your home page is not just a single video that sits there, it’s how do you build that experience and what experience do you want people to have. It’s more than tossing a video into a player and calling it a day.” —@DanaFugate1

“Each piece of interactivity is a data point that’s going to give you more information about your buyer.” —@DanaFugate1



What did you want to be when you grew up?

As a kid, Dana was keen on becoming a star. Specifically, a musical theatre star. Instead of singing in front of the audience and their cameras, she shifted to production and being creative behind the scenes.

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