How to Use Predictive Analytics to Create Dynamite Content

Brandon Andersen, Chief Strategy Officer at Ceralytics, joins the Content Pros Podcast to share how he has developed and applied content intelligence to take the guess work out of creating successful content.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Crafting a content marketing strategy can feel like trying to find the light switch in a dark room. You know you have the power to flip the switch, if only you could find it…

Content intelligence can improve your content’s success rate while minimizing the risk of failure. Using a predictive analytics tool involves taking a deep dive on what your customers truly value and reframing your content to fit that demand.

The result is a highly refined approach to content that cuts out the fluff, ignores fads, and caters to your base.

But for content intelligence to make a long-term difference on your success, its approach to identifying and elevating your customer’s values needs to be built into the fabric of your organization.

Reframing your company, or at least your content strategy, to be more customer-centric ensures an outcome that is more quality than quantity.

In This Episode

  • Why taking the guesswork out of content success means using content intelligence
  • How trusting your customer advocates with content intelligence leads to more intuitive and accurate content
  • Why ensuring relevant content means reframing the entire company culture to be customer-centric
  • How an in-depth understanding and awareness of your customer’s journey leads to content creation aligned with the funnel


Quote From This Episode

“Content intelligence is the science of identifying and predicting the topics and themes that provide the most value to your audience.” —@Andersonology

“It gives you a much more holistic view of what your organization is doing and how you’re meeting the demands of your audience.” —@Andersenology

“You’re trying to figure out what is best for your customer and your audience.” —@Andersenology

“It’s content quantity versus quality. If your content quality isn’t there, you’re not going to succeed.” —@Andersenology

“Larger companies are focused more on optimizing how quickly and efficiently they can create content instead of whether or not they are creating the right content.” —@Andersenology

“What is best for the customer, is best for the company.” —@Andersenology

“Goal conversions on your website and understanding those metrics are one of the most important pieces to content marketing.” —@Andersenology

“If you don’t have goals in place, what are you really trying to do?” —@Andersenology

Content serves different purposes. It can drive awareness. It can drive engagement. It can drive conversions. Rarely does it do all of them combined.” —@Andersenology

“If you’re just focusing on one thing or the other, you’re going to be failing in your overall goal.” —@Andersenology



Content Pros Lightning Round

Are you pro or anti Twitter?: I’m pro on Twitter for keeping conversations going. Not a huge fan of it as a curation tool.

Favorite sitcom?: Parks and Rec (old) and Schitt’s Creek on PopTV (new)

Favorite SNL actor or character?:  Will Ferrell playing Harry Caray

Go-to background music for running?: My workout mix that is a combination of Eminem, Dragon Force, Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against the Machine, Primus, and other hard-hitting stuff.

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