How to Utilize Data to Create Breakthrough Content

David B. Thomas, Senior Director of Inbound Marketing at Leadspace, joins the Content Pros Podcast to share his approach to mining data for effective and motivating content that generates leads and closes sales.

In This Episode:

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David B. Thomas - InstagramData Mining for Content

It’s easy to spend a lot of time on crafting the perfect content for your product. From blog posts to social to video, the different vehicles to propagate your content can keep you busy for hours. Once the message is ready for delivery, there is nothing more satisfying than hitting send.

However, without the properly reviewed data, hitting send on the perfect content could actually hurt your sales and completely undo all your hard work.

With 20 years of B2B marketing experience (the past 8 of those years focused on content and social) Dave understands how to balance creativity with data. His thorough approach to pairing compelling content with vetted data led a unified content and social media marketing team at Salesforce that generated 15% of all valid leads in North America in 2014 and more than $150MM in pipeline.

Combining Dave’s expertise in content and skill with data ensures that every piece has the best possible audience to make the largest impact on your business.

In This Episode

  • Why effective content marketing means taking the information you already have and customizing it for your audience
  • How careless and shallow personalization leads to a decrease in content efficiency
  • Why successful account-based marketing means having a vigorous content marketing plan
  • How up-to-date customer data leads to more accurate content


Quotes From This Episode

“Content marketing is a vital part of account-based marketing.” —@DavidBThomas

“We think about SEO, but know it’s a crowded space.” —@DavidBThomas

“Most of it is coming up with the idea and making sure it’s aimed at the right people.” —@DavidBThomas

“Marketing is not talking to sales.” —@DavidBThomas

“The lack of connection is what dooms campaigns.” —@DavidBThomas

“Try to figure out what you or your company knows, can bring to light, or what you can pull together from a group of partner companies that will help your audience better understand how they should make decisions.” —@DavidBThomas

“Data is a great source of content.” —@DavidBThomas


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