Managing a Facebook Page with 7 Million Fans

Social Pros Podcast with Shannon Otto

Shannon Otto, Social Media Manager of Clinique, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss how her team manages content for their global presence across markets, the statistics and measurements of a multi-national brand, and the ever-rising presence of social commerce.

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Cascading Strategy Outward

Shannon Otto has made the leap from the agency side of social media marketing to the client side. This was great training because it was a social-media-only agency. She realized she might like to make a change when she focused for 2 years on one client and really enjoyed learning that client’s social media inside and out. Now, at Clinique, she’s able to delve into that even further: working not only with her own social media team but also with the marketing, branding, and PR people.

Shannon’s role is two-sided: she is the Community Manager for North America, which means she oversees the execution of all of Clinique’s North American social media operations. She also strategizes for Clinique globally and makes sure that the other social media teams throughout the world have the guidelines, strategy, and content they need to execute their own operations.

Using Expion to share the social assets they’ll need, Shannon’s team is able to share approved content with their counterparts in other regions. And with 47 different pages to manage on Facebook alone, this central management is essential.

Once per quarter, they try to dig into the statistics about what’s going on around the world in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and the newer platforms in Asia.

By keeping an eye on their KPIs, Shannon’s team makes sure they’re always improving their efforts. And, of course, these statistics also help get them the resources they need from corporate.

Holy Social!

To the delight of Millennials everywhere, Coca Cola brought back the popular energy drink SURGE for a limited run earlier this month.

SURGE is the first discontinued Coca Cola product to rise from the dead, and we have the few people who have lobbied Coca Cola for the past few years to thank. The tallboy cans of the bold citrus soda were available only through Amazon. SURGE’s flash sale return was only publicized on social and digital media, and the supply sold out within about an hour.

Coca Cola must have one of the widest and most pervasive distribution networks in the world: what other product is so easily available? But with e-commerce, brands can sell directly to consumers without the widespread distribution middleman. This might be good news for fans of SURGE and other delicious, but not necessarily as widely popular, products.

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