Social Media Authenticity Lessons From Nicki Minaj

Matt See, Director of Social Media and Games at HSN, joins the Social Pros Podcast to share his path to social authenticity which begins and ends with the individual customer.

In This Episode:

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Matt See - InstagramIt’s All About Her

With 1,600 brands, 1.2 million registered players, 1.1 million Facebook fans, and 176,000 forum followers, HSN is a giant in the retail television world. But how does one stay engaged with such a large and diverse array of participants across all social networks? Does it involve masterminding a complicated series of social personas and accounts, each with its own unique calendar catering to the interests of each and every brand that they represent? Or perhaps a multi-layered collaboration with each brand’s social team and contracts that dictate how much social time is allocated to each brand depending on the volume of sales and interest?

Thankfully, no. It’s not actually as complicated as one might think. Matt, who is a pro at managing the HSN consumer relationships, says it’s all about the buyer… and in the case of HSN, it’s all about her.

Who is she? What does she like? How does she spend her time? And, most importantly, how can we add value to her daily life? With those simple questions, Matt has built a solid community for his customers and brand ambassadors like Nicki Minaj that improves relationships and closes sales.

In This Episode

  • Why focusing on the consumer means putting the product second
  • How a well thought out toolkit leads to a profitable celebrity endorsement
  • Why “building awareness” doesn’t always mean “pushing sales”
  • How non-monetized programming can lead to organic engagement that beats paid social


Quotes From This Episode

“We love to talk about our customer. That’s really what we focus on.” —@MatthewSee

“I build it first with good content, and once it starts to break through, begin layering on the paid.” —@MatthewSee

“You get more interest in the product when it’s not about the product.” —@JayBaer

“It’s about being strategic. Rather than focusing on how many products we can get in front of her, focus on how can we tell her a story to where she feels connected to us. That will drive her to the site, make her feel more in with HSN, and make her more excited about being part of this great business.” —@MatthewSee

“While we’re trying to build awareness around what products we have and what we’re doing, we’re also trying to build awareness around the great programming we have.” —@MatthewSee

“At some level, you have to make it about the social and not about the media.” —@MatthewSee



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