The Best Way to Build Community and Content

The marketing whiz kids from Spiceworks, Jen Slaski and Todd Darroca, join us at Spiceworld, the IT network’s huge conference in Austin, TX to talk about the benefits of building a genuine community that delivers content right to your doorstep.

In This Episode:

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User Conferences: Like Planning 100 Webinars in 3 Days!

This week’s Content Pros episode is like no other. Randy met up with special guest co-host Rob Zaleski at the SpiceWorld User Conference in Austin, TX to record a live episode. Rob is the Marketing Manager from MarketingProfs, a company that teaches others how to be good marketers.

Randy and Rob sat down with Brand Muse Jen Slaski and Marketing Whiz Kid Todd Darroca of Spiceworks. Spiceworks, as Forbes called it, is the LinkedIn for IT pros.

Spiceworks provides IT professionals with a community as well as tools to do their job, making it the world’s most trusted IT marketplace.

The company grew out of a casual meeting among tech marketers in 2010, when they spontaneously invited along some IT pros as well. Each year, the meeting grew, became more intentional and organized, and turned into the popular event it is today, attracting 2,400 Spiceheads (Spiceworld groupies).

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Jen and Todd are especially proud of the genuine and trusting community they’ve nurtured and created, with some Spiceheads even going so far as to get a tattoo of the Spiceworks logo. Now, the community is giving back.

Despite the insane amount of work that goes into planning a huge user conference like Spiceworld, the Spiceworks team is beginning to see the fruits of their labor. Each conference leaves them with not only hundreds of snackable content options, but even unexpected organic content like a wedding!

In This Episode

  • The difference between an event and an experience
  • How to give your audience exactly what they want
  • Getting back to the important basics
  • Using data to draw out the best content from sponsors
  • The power of a tight-knit community
  • What to do with all of your content once it’s all over


Quotes From This Episode

“I hate saying things like this because it sounds so elementary. But what’s your goal? People really forget to ask that.”—Jennifer Slaski

“These organic conversations that are happening, that’s content to me. People want to read that because they’re educational and it’s real and it’s genuine. I think sometimes we limit what we consider content to be because we’ve seen whitepapers or infographics or webinars. All these things that have a lot of production involved, which are wonderful but there are some basic things out there that make great content.”—Jennifer Slaski

“We always think about content as just sitting at our desks and creating content. But one of the types of content you guys are powering for a lot of brands is the community.”—@randyfrisch

“Sixty minutes is a huge time investment. I can’t ask you to do that until I give you something first to say, ‘This is why you should invest in 60 minutes.’ So, I’m going to give you three minutes and I’m going to do the work for you and say, ‘These are the top three things that you need to care about.'”—@todddarroca



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