The Best Way to Get Your Brand Message Out in a Noisy World

Tim and Laura Sullivan, Co-founders of Lightworks 360 and Movable Feast Retreats, join the Influence Pros Podcast to talk about producing quality content, getting your brand out there, and the importance of staying human.

In This Episode:

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Who are you truly trying to reach and why?

Tim and Laura met over the internet and connected through a mutual passion for great photographic storytelling. Together they created a photography and lifestyle business. They believe strongly that content should always be of the highest caliber, being human actually helps you stand out amid the noise of the internet, and that life is meant to be lived.  

Lightworks360 is a photography and lifestyle haven. Driven to photograph and shape the stories of couples and brands, Tim and Laura also excel at having a marvelous time with their clients while doing so. Moveable Feast Retreats is a new venture created out of the desire to travel, appreciate local specialties, and live well. Retreats are set up in magical places around the globe, and include photography workshops, yoga practice, and local cuisine.

In This Episode

  • Why being genuinely kind can help you stand out
  • How to focus your working energy to enjoy the process
  • Why it’s essential to stay consistent with all your branding
  • How to ensure excellence in the quality of your content
  • Why a guest post or partnership should always be mutually beneficial


Quotes From This Episode

“One of the hardest things to do on the Internet and most effective ways to do the Internet is just to be really human.” —Tim Sullivan

“It’s not just a one-way street of you trying to get yours. It’s celebrating everyone else who’s in your orbit as well.” — Laura Sullivan

“The Internet is so noisy. Any kind of unique thing is going to stand out.” — Laura Sullivan

“When you need to generate content, take a step back. Sit down and write the truest thing you know, or write something that is so genuine and authentic to your brand, to the vision, to the company, and then the content will really begin to ring unique and true. And people have no choice but to respond to that.” —Tim Sullivan

“Our biggest goal when we’re doing any kind of guest post, is to make sure the relationship is good for both sides.” — Laura Sullivan

“Pick [the platforms] that you know tell your story the best and do them extremely well. And don’t stress out about doing everything, because there’s not enough time. Your brand can’t sustain it all.”  — Laura Sullivan

“Even if you’re small-time, you need to have a consistent look of the way you’re presenting your product and it will be so much more appealing.” — Laura Sullivan



Would You Rather

Would you rather be a cow or a chicken?
Laura: I definitely want to be a cow in India, just have free reign wherever I want to go.
Tim: Trust your wife, that’s what I always say. We’re both cows in India.

Would you rather begin every sentence with, “Hey, idiot,” or end every sentence with, “I was just kidding?”
Laura: That’s a really good one. I think you can actually turn, “Hey, idiot,” into a pretty funny brand, so I think I would go with “Hey, idiot,” and be like, “It’s just what we do.”
Tim:I think I’m going to go with, “I’m just kidding,” because I feel like I want to undercut everything I say always. I’m just kidding.

Would you rather publicly be known as a horrible dancer, or a horrible singer?
Laura: Well, I think the second one is already my life.
Tim: We go to like 20 weddings a year. So, if we can’t tear up the dance floor, what are we?

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