The Email Signature’s Hidden Marketing Treasure

Dan Hanrahan, Founder and CEO of Sigstr, joins the Content Pros Podcast to discuss the huge conversion potential in employee email signatures.

In This Episode:

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dan-hanrahan-instagram10,000 Missed Opportunities

We spend hours crafting the perfect piece of content to catch our audience’s attention. With painstaking attention to detail, we comb through it for SEO, doing our best to make sure that what goes out into the internet will sparkle with enough brilliance to catch the eye of the most distracted internet surfer. With all the focus on external touchpoints, we regularly look past what is arguably the best content vehicle out there.

Dan knows that the richest and largest source of conversions lies at the bottom of every employee’s communication with customers… literally. Hundreds upon thousands of employee signatures find their way in front of your customers every year. A cleverly placed link to content in an email signature can be the push that turns a prospect a customer.

To take full advantage of this opportunity requires the right internal infrastructure to support your sales team. Making it quick and easy for them to a) identify the right content for the communication and b) seamlessly work it into their signature and message goes a long way towards moving those leads along the funnel.

In This Episode

  • How thoughtfully leveraging the most common of daily interactions can lead to a conversion
  • Why marrying your best content with people who are communicating with people means looking to your email
  • How enabling your sales team to easily access applicable content leads to campaign proliferation and conversions
  • Why setting your content up for success means creating easy personalization for your employees
  • How employee signature marketing leads to open rates that can match or beat the best email marketing campaign


Quotes From This Episode

“Email signatures leverage a point of interaction as a chance to deliver your most interesting content.” —@danhanrahan8

“The average employee will send 10,000 emails in a year.” —@danhanrahan8

“Our employees, more so than any other channel, are interacting with our customers and our prospects. And where that’s happening continues to be email.” —@danhanrahan8

“A byproduct of this is sales enablement and making sure the sales team understands what stories are important to your company.” —@danhanrahan8

“What we want to do is make content front and center where people are communicating with the intended audience.” —@danhanrahan8

The best predictor of what we’re going to do next is what we’ve already done.” —@danhanrahan8

This is a hand picked audience that your team selects everyday and chooses to interact with, it’s the ultimate in top-of-the-funnel marketing.” —@danhanrahan8



Content Pros Lightning Round

What was the one item you had to have this holiday season? Red Rider BB Gun for my daughter

Below or above average of 28 emails/day? Above at sending 40 emails per day

What is your favorite Jay Baer book? Youtility

New Year’s Resolution? Be proactive and think more long-term, be less reactive, block time during the day to reflect and be strategic

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