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The Problem with Content’s Squiggly Line to the Yes

Authors: Jess Joanna Wiebe
Posted Under: The Content Experience Show
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Welcome to The Content Experience Show where content experience is the new content marketing. It’s not only about reaching our audiences where they are, but engaging them with a personalized experience of meaningful, useful content that they’ll take with them over time. The guests on the Content Experience Show share strategies, tips, and real-world examples of how they’re taking their content marketing to the next level and providing their current and prospective customers with a true content experience. This isn’t just a trend. It’s a movement.

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It doesn't get any better for content marketers. They present a balanced, insightful discussion of current trends and ask all the right questions. Their guest list is a "Who's Who" of content professionals. Outstanding.

Jared Johnson Piano

I love listening to marketing podcasts and this one is on my must-listen to list. Very knowledgable hosts and topical discussions.

The Marketing Book Podcast

Joanna Wiebe, Founder of Copy Hackers, joins the Content Pros Podcast to discuss the value of long-form, high quality content that focuses on getting a yes.

joanna-wiebe-instagramMaking Content’s Business Case

A focus on generating high-quality content and engagement has caused a shift in content’s purpose. Metrics on clicks and shares are pushing aside financial aims such that the goal of content is more and more about generating interest rather than direct dollars. The thought is that if you draw people to your site often enough, they will eventually buy in to your product.
Joanna finds this roundabout way of closing deals through content cumbersome and unnecessary. It is also undercutting the educational and value aspect of content, leading to short fluff pieces with no truly measurable purpose or impact.
A fan of long-form content and pop-ups, Joanna has made the business case for meaty content that educates, engages, and, most importantly, converts your readers. By embracing the sales aspect of content and using it as a tool for conscious, immediate conversions, she has repurposed content and made it an active part of the funnel.

In This Episode

  • How the push for high-quality content leads to a de-emphasis on conversions
  • Why measuring the success of content doesn’t mean looking at shares or clicks
  • How lengthy, in-depth content leads to holding customer attention better in a crowded marketplace
  • Why paying for content means pop-ups, whether you like it or not
  • How blank pages lead to writer’s block and what to do about it


Quotes From This Episode

“Copywriting is a direct line to the yes and content creation is a dotted, squiggly line to the yes.” —@copyhackers
“Copy takes place on emails and on websites, and content takes place on your blog where there’s a very problematic push against trying to get people to convert.” —@copyhackers
“What’s been lost in this whole thing is the business case for content.” —@copyhackers
You’ve got to start selling in it, but people don’t want to.” —@copyhackers
“Sometimes that language that your customer uses, although it’s great, it doesn’t do as much as it could do.” —@copyhackers
“Formulas are at the core of really strong copy, just as much as the voice of customer data.” —@copyhackers
“We’ve been living in this really kind of crazy land where everybody gives away all the greatest information and nobody is ever expected to pay, in any way for it.” —@copyhackers
“I can’t help you then because I can’t keep producing this for free. I’m not a martyr. I’m here in business, and I’m here to help you.” —@copyhackers



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