The Secret to Developing a Thriving Business

Jenny Beres, Freelance Copywriter and Coach, joins the Business of Story Podcast to reveal that being yourself lets your business thrive, it’s bold to relax, and the importance of putting connections first.

In This Episode:

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Jenny Beres_InstagramWhen in Doubt, Be Yourself

Do you ever dream of being your own boss? Do you feel stuck in your communication style? Do you have fun passionately speaking about your profession to others? Are you letting yourself be yourself?

Jenny Beres says the first step to a successful business is to truly be yourself. She’s a freelance copywriter and freelance coach helping others fulfill their dreams of independent financial freedom. She’s also a comedic writer and host of her own monthly radio show.

Jenny talks to us today about the power of being you, how she loosens up clients, putting connections first, and how to speak your business into existence.

As Park says,”It is amazing how you can nudge the world, literary, in any direction you choose,” and the stories we tell ourselves are, “the most potent stories of all, so we want to make sure we tell ourselves good stories, and then we want to live in those stories.”

Jenny agrees adding that writing down your goal to speak positively about your business can help materialize these stories saying, “I think that that is one of the most powerful things you can do is have it sitting there, on paper, right in front of you because at the end of the day, having clients, having more business—and I mean, the business that’s really good, the referrals—those are relationships, and those are simply the result of a really good conversation. So, aim to have better conversations, aim to have a couple conversations a day.”

In This Episode

  • Why building genuine relationships helps build your business
  • How to encourage yourself to have more conversations about your profession
  • Why it’s a bold and humanizing move to share your embarrassing stories
  • How to follow steps to create your own freelance business
  • Why it’s key to relax and be yourself when dealing with clients
  • How to put connections first and create opportunities to create more

Quotes From This Episode

“I don’t know who’s going to buy words, but I know that people do. I do know that people buy into story.” —@JennyMBeres

“I highly recommend that you go for the person before you go for the business.” —@JennyMBeres

“But as far as my own clients, I feel that what I do with them is I help them loosen up first. I realize there’s so much anxiety about what people think they should do.” —@JennyMBeres

“The reason I was able to grow so quickly is because I never connect with somebody…and to this day, I never reach out to somebody or respond to an email or respond to anything and think, “This is my next client.” That doesn’t even cross my mind. What I’m looking to do is connect and see if we connect.” —@JennyMBeres

“It’s been really exciting to see how the power of story drives that connection and just brings that human aspect to marketing, and it makes you stand out online.” —@JennyMBeres

“I feel like everybody regardless of what business you’re in, could really let go of a little bit of the emotional constipation, laugh a little bit, relax a little bit, and tell the stories that we feel have shaped us and find a way to work that into your material.” —@JennyMBeres


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