What Social Media Can Learn From Content Marketing

Randy Frisch, Co-Founder of Uberflip, and Chris Moody, Director of Content & Social Marketing at Oracle Marketing Cloud, join the Social Pros Podcast to discuss the importance of quality content and smart placement in social media.

In This Episode:

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Chris Moody - InstagramStrategy + Content = Successful Social

Is content overheated these days?

Has it just become a buzz word?

Or are we paying too much attention to it and driving it into the ground?

How can we balance content with quality and quantity?

These are the pressing questions on the minds of marketers as they navigate the ever-evolving world of social media in the quest for more relevant content that can cut through the noise.

Local content pros Randy and Chris cross over the Convince and Convert podcast bridge to share their take on how content plays into the world of social media. To them, content is literally everything we do. It’s what sales is saying on the phone, what you’re saying in a video, what is in the eBook you just published, what is in this blog post, that Facebook post you just shared… everything is content.

While what you say is still important, it is becoming equally important to be strategic about when, why, and where you share the content.

In This Episode

  • Why good content doesn’t mean clicks, likes, or views
  • How activities-based marketing can keep you busy, but leads to stagnant business growth
  • Why good content means a life lived off-domain
  • How repackaging content for sales reps to personalize and distribute leads to better audience engagement
  • Why paid social means creating a path towards an outcome post-click


Quotes From This Episode

“The biggest problem is everybody is trying to chase clicks.” —@cnmoody

“Just because you’ve produced something good, if it’s not where people are at the right time, they’ll never see it.” —@cnmoody

“We are trying to pare down because resources are limited and we’re seeing content shock.” —@cnmoody

“Let’s find the things that really work and spend our time working more efficiently instead of scrambling.” —@cnmoody

“You really have to think about what are your goals in terms of where your content needs to be.” —@randyfrisch

“You need to think about creating content and mapping it to the buyer journey.” —@randyfrisch

“The scary part to me is people who go paid but don’t think about what’s next.” —@randyfrisch

“There’s a big problem with jumping to paid just to break through the clutter versus jumping to paid to get people who you want to target into your site and then having a plan to continue that journey from there.” —@randyfrisch

“The audience that we’re speaking to are bright and they’re going to see through this stuff if we don’t make it authentic.” —@randyfrisch

“The next big thing is doing small things right.” —@jaybaer




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