Why Brands Are Misusing Social Video and Losing Customers

Brian Fanzo, CEO of iSocialFanz LLC, joins the Content Pros Podcast to share his successful approach to building community, engaging fans, and closing sales with live video.

In This Episode:

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Brian Fanzo - InstagramAcquire and Nurture With Social Video

Live video burst on to the social scene like the Kool-Aid man on a hot summer day, taking everybody by surprise and delighting the younger online demographic with its bright, shiny, and entertaining possibilities.

However, for a seasoned marketer the thought of unscripted, uncontrolled, and unpredictable consumer engagement was a terrifying prospect.

What if something went awry in the background? What if the narrator forgot their lines or, even worse, didn’t have any at all? How do we know they will stay on message?

Maybe it’s best to just wait for it all to pass.

Brian understands these fears but is here to put them to rest because social video is here to stay. It’s definitely not a passing fancy and the stat of the week outlines just how important mobile video will become in the next five years.

For Brian, succeeding in this medium is about embracing the cultural shift to casual, trusting your employees, and thinking like a fan.

In This Episode

  • Why an evolving culture means a more casual, humanistic approach to content
  • How a growing variety of social video platforms leads to social marketing segmentation
  • Why a successful social engagement strategy means thinking like a fan
  • How building a community doesn’t mean building a following
  • Why live video needs its own strategy


Quotes From This Episode

“I work with brands to embrace a new mindset of not only what video content looks like, but how it’s created and then really how brands can use it.” —@iSocialFanz

“Do you want to relate with your audience? Do you want to tell a story in a unique way? Do you want to convey your authenticity and build that trust with your digital eyeballs?” —@iSocialFanz

“To think like a fan means how do I create content, how do I give people access to information, insights, places, and people that they can’t get anywhere else?” —@iSocialFanz

“Social video is participatory content where people that watch the video can comment and engage with you.” —@iSocialFanz

“You build a community around people coming together for a common purpose and a common passion. There is no better way today to share that purpose or that passion than video.” —@iSocialFanz

“Because it’s live, because it’s raw, because it’s real, having a strategy is how you make a difference, how you make someone memorable, how you make it valuable.” —@iSocialFanz

Value is not determined by you, the creator of the content. Value is determined, gauged, and measured by the audience that’s receiving that content.” —@iSocialFanz



What did you want to be when you grew up?

A natural when it comes to enthusiastic chatting, Brian wanted to be a sports broadcaster when he grew up; ideally for his hometown hockey team, the Pittsburgh Penguins. Maybe someday his love for live video platforms combined with his enthusiastic fan-centered thinking will lead to his very own broadcasting show.

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