Why Failing Fast Is Stupid in Social Media

Jeffrey Hayzlett, global business celebrity and Chairman of C-Suite Network, joins the Social Pros Podcast to share his successful approach to corporate level social media community building and how cleaning bathrooms can lead to winning at social.

In This Episode:

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Jeffrey Hayzlett - InstagramA Recipe for Success in Social Media

Jeffrey Hayzlett is a turnaround architect of the highest order. He is a maverick marketer who delivers scalable campaigns, embraces traditional modes of customer engagement, and possesses a remarkable cachet of mentorship, corporate governance, and brand building.

As he travels all over the world to deliver keynote speeches and write books, he manages to maintain an active social media presence and has built a community of followers that numbers over a million. His achievements come from an approach that embraces tools, produces social media messages in-house, has an understanding that you don’t control the brand, and accepts failures as part of a greater success story.

Finding your voice and understanding that you’re going to make some mistakes with it is a great first step towards establishing a relationship with your community. If you are open, honest, and engaged on an authentic human level (which includes mistakes), you will deepen the relationship which will lead to more open conversations and conversions. And when those screw-ups happen, you have to think of it as failing forward; every failure is another step on the road to success and it’s ultimately about finding that win.

“You don’t need a million clicks. You just need one.” —@JeffreyHayzlett

In This Episode

  • Finding your company’s voice and establishing an open and honest relationship with your community
  • How and why to embrace failing in social media
  • Cleaning your own bathroom gives you the power to ask anything
  • Using technology to help you to keep social media in-house, where it belongs
  • Advice for burgeoning C-Suite media professionals


Quotes From This Episode

“If I clean the bathroom, there’s nothing that I can ask you to do that you can complain about.”  —@JeffreyHayzlett

“You have to learn to find your voice and understand that you’re going to make mistakes with it.” —@JeffreyHayzlett

“You have to have that attitude that it’s not about the failure, it’s about the win.” —@JeffreyHayzlett

“If done successfully, social media is truly embedded into an organization.” —@adamcb

“This is a great place for you to engage in that voice and be real and have great conversations with your customer.” —@JeffreyHayzlett



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