Why Measuring Content Experiences Drives Better Content Marketing

Yoav Schwartz, co-founder of Uberflip, joins the Content Pros Podcast to shine a light on the complexities of content marketing and unravel the misconceptions surrounding the 3 pillars: creation, distribution, and measurement.

In This Episode:

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Yoav Schwartz - InstagramCrafting the Experience You Wish To See in the World

This is a very special episode of Content Pros because we’re joined by Randy’s co-founder of Uberflip: Yoav Schwartz.

Yoav’s background is in product marketing, and he started and managed a number of marketing businesses before joining forces with Randy to found Uberflip.

One of the most important reasons Uberflip exists is to help solve a huge perception problem when it comes to content marketing. Yes, content is a major part of marketing as a whole, but the pillars within content marketing are vast and complex. There’s no one tool or platform that can address them all.

Another problem with content, as seen in this week’s stat, is that marketers have a really hard time determining whether their efforts are worthwhile. Who is seeing your content? Are the right audiences engaging? What does engagement really look like? And do those metrics make the creation of that content worth it?

Yoav’s determination to answer these questions and change the world through great content experiences is infectious. Tune in to hear all about what makes a fantastic content experience, the best ways to distribute your content, and tweet Yoav @yostar for a special discount code to the Uberflip Experience in Toronto, just for Content Pros listeners.

In This Episode

  • Why content experience must be driven by desired marketing outcomes
  • Why marketers need to focus on search-optimized experiences that push the consumer through the buyer journey
  • How to take control of your destiny when it comes to displaying great content online
  • How to use content experiences for sales enablement
  • The biggest problem with today’s perception of content marketing
  • How to identify gaps in your content creation and distribution process


Quotes From This Episode

“At the end of the day, we are unable to measure content creation. But we can measure the user experiences.” —@yostar

“People are not suffering when it comes to creating content. People are suffering on how to leverage that content.” —@yostar

“Content is no longer about the format. It’s about the message.” —@yostar

“It’s about creating those content journeys and sending people down the path that you’re looking for, whether it’s awareness, lead generation, or something else.” —@yostar

“We are focused on the combination of great content and great user experience. Those experiences are what we distribute, those are what we measure.” —@yostar

“Sophisticated content experiences are what lead you to create better content, because you’re able to measure the outcomes of their success.” —@yostar



What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Yoav wanted to be Superman, as many young boys do! But as he got a little older, he knew he wanted to be involved in or running a great software company that could change the world. Today, he can safely say that he’s on my way to realizing that dream. How inspiring!

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