Why Wikipedia Trumps Snapchat When It Comes to Organic Ranking

Justin Levy, Director of Social Marketing at Citrix, joins the Content Pros Podcast to share how Citrix cultivates content to fill 80 blog posts per month while pushing free SEO real estate through Wikipedia.

In This Episode:

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justin-levy-instagramGet the Most Out of Free Real Estate

Marketing dollars tend to be focused on creating content for a brand’s webpage and social media accounts. There is, however, one place that is frequently ignored in spite of it being free and one of the best in terms of organic search rankings.

Wikipedia is regularly a top Google result for brands and many customers will check out a company’s page before visiting the brand’s very own website. In spite of this, rarely is there a team assigned to overseeing and working with the content for this vital first impression.

A huge company like Citrix has the added challenge of cultivating a wide array of social content sourced from a pool of 9,500 employees. With an extremely active publishing schedule of 70-90+ corporate blog posts per month, they are a content and social engagement powerhouse.

Justin has succeeded in not only working with Wikipedia on ensuring an accurate and informational page but also balancing the need for pushing out content without overwhelming the audience (both internal and external). His strategy for crafting, publishing, and overseeing content has led to an online presence that is engaging, informational, and successful.

In This Episode

  • How an open publishing system for internal content leads to a decrease in employee advocacy and engagement
  • Why a consistent voice for a corporate blog means maintaining consistent voices for different personas
  • The dangers and advantages of tagging
  • How incorporating Wikipedia management into marketing leads to a deep SEO strategy


Quotes From This Episode

“We want to have a consistent voice when talking to people externally.” —@justinlevy

“Take time to understand the different buyer personas and build different content tailored to each.” —@randyfrisch

“We don’t want to come across as marketers on that blog. That voice can’t only be a marketing voice because an engineer is not a marketer, a product line person is not a marketer.” —@justinlevy

“We try to tailor content to different personas based on the people that we know who are writing the content.” —@justinlevy

“We’re always, as with anything and anyone, looking at ways to simplify and scale process, making it better for our readers and our customers.” —@justinlevy

“Wikipedia, typically, is the first place that people go to look at a brand or a product if they have a page.” —@justinlevy

Snapchat isn’t showing up in Google Search, Wikipedia is.” —@justinlevy



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