Smirnoff: Every Pairing Is Perfect

badge-image-of-the-weekFacebook estimates that 2.7 million people changed their profile photos to a red and white equal sign in support of gay marriage. While many brands showcased their support, Smirnoff stood out in a sea and red and white with a simple, yet meaningful Facebook post:

Smirnoff Image

Featuring a mix of martini and cocktail pairings and the text, “Every pairing is perfect,” the post showcased Smirnoff’s support while tying back to the brand. Though the post did not specifically call out the issue at hand, the overwhelmingly positive comments make it clear that the fans understood and supported the intended message.

While it can be difficult for brands to decide when it’s appropriate to comment on important issues and causes, here are a few key questions and takeaways:

Should you take a stance?

Taking a stance can mean entering uncharted waters for many brands. A cross-functional team of key stakeholders and senior leadership should make these decisions together in line with core company values. For more on this question, Digiday has a compelling article.

Re-educate your team on key company values.

Use this as an opportunity to discuss your company’s brand values as a social media team. Not sure if your company has a stance on an issue? Reach out to your public relations, public affairs, and customer service teams – chances are they’ve been asked and answered these questions before.

Simplicity wins.

Smirnoff’s post was simple, eye-catching and genuine. If there’s a need to further explain your company’s support or position on a key issue, link back to a corporate blog, article, or company values section of your website.

Has your company taken part in supporting or opposing any controversial issues?


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