How to Surprise Fans with Your Product Launch


Clean freaks, rejoice! In an era where more content is being shared than ever before, Spontex’s Twitter feed stands out in an unusual way. It’s squeaky clean—literally.

Spontex Twitter feed

Developed by Spontex, a French company specializing in household cleaning products, and its cleverly named ad agency Kids Love Jetlag, the spotless Twitter feed offers more than meets the eye. Hidden in each tweet is a message—in French, of course—that relates to the launch of the company’s new Full Action System mop.

The strategy behind this activation was to reward the most curious Twitter fans with “surprises” in the company’s Twitter feed. For those interested enough to click through and read the messages from beginning to end, they were taken on a playful story celebrating the mop’s launch and features.

Et pour tous nos fans, notre hérisson fait aussi des siennes sur Twitter ! Spontex lance son nouveau compte : « le compte Twitter le plus propre ». Pour les curieux qui veulent faire l’expérience :

Posted by Spontex et le hérisson on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

While the launch of a new mop is not what many might consider incredibly exciting for a social media activation, the cleverness of Spontex’s Twitter feed is a good reminder that it can be. By focusing on the ultimate value proposition of the mop’s ability to clean exceptionally well, the company’s Twitter activation resulted in an unexpected experience for fans.

Sure, cleaning out your Twitter account is a stunt, but if there’s any time to go big and captivate your fan’s attention, it’s during events like a product launch, milestone, or major company news announcement.

Don’t underestimate element of surprise when it brings good, clean fun—and a boost of social media engagement!

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