5 Experts Tell You Precisely How to Use Social Listening in the Real World

Every single social media practitioner, guru, wizard (or warlock) out there tells you that the key to success is listening. “We have two ears and one mouth for a reason” has been repeated so often it’s axiomatic.


But what does listening really mean today? To tell someone to “listen” is such a vague piece of counsel that it renders it devoid of any usefulness. How do you listen? Where? To whom? For what purpose?

These are the questions that businesspeople ask in the real world, and we’re going to answer them next week.

How to Listen to Everyone: From Competitors to Customers

headshot_ring_large-01I have assembled an all-star cast of business thinkers to help me add much-needed specificity to the “Listen” maxim, and the five of us are coming together on one, 60-minute Webinar on October 20 (sponsored by Cision). RSVP here.

Neal Schaffer – How to Listen to Prospects
Jay Baer (me!) – How to Listen to Customers
Jeff Bullas – How to Listen to Competitors
Mark Schaefer – How to Listen to Influencers
Scott Stratten – How to Listen to Employees

Each of these experts possesses many years of experience guiding companies on how to listen effectively in social media. This is going to be one of those rare Webinars that is FULL of insights and information that is actually usable in your day-to-day life. RSVP here.

A Sneak Peek on How to Listen

To give you a preview of the Webinar, we’ve created with Cision a Slideshare presentation with some of the key themes covered. This is just an excerpt, however. A full, free ebook covering the entire Webinar topics is also available (click the link on the last slide below to get a copy sent to you).

Next Steps on How to Listen

1. Browse the eBook excerpt above
2. Request the full eBook by clicking on the last slide
3. Register for the Webinar on October 20. It will be recorded if you can’t make it live.

Please join me, Neal Schaffer, Mark Schaefer, Jeff Bullas, and Scott Stratten (and Cision) on this huge, free, educational Webinar.

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