Don’t Forget the Big Picture in Social Media Strategy

As 2014 comes to a close, we reflect on the incredible knowledge shared on the Social Pros Podcast. In December, we heard from MarketingProfs’ internal marketing expert; high-end realty company Corcoran Group; and Gartner’s digital marketing researcher.

These Social Pros operate on different levels in very different fields. As always, their experiences are as varied as they are rich. But they are united by the importance of analytics and integration in digital marketing.

MarketingProfs Marketing Manager, Rob Zaleski

Social Pros Podcast with Rob Zaleski

Rob Zaleski runs marketing for a company that teaches people how to be better marketers. As such, he’s especially tuned in to the digital marketing pulse. He’s “the social hub for the messages that all the units need to get out.”

When he first joined MarketingProfs in July, he took the time to get the lay of the land, like any good Social Pro should. The first thing he did was run an audit of the company’s social assets. Once the pieces were laid out, he was able to see what needed to be dialed up (or dialed back).

He saw potential for MarketingProfs in Google Plus, so he threw his hat in that ring and quickly found a very engaged audience. LinkedIn is another arena where MarketingProfs reaps the benefits of spending time and energy there.

For Rob, each piece of the marketing puzzle comes together under one overall KPI: membership signups. Social media, SEO performance, opportunities for partnerships with other companies—everything within Rob’s marketing strategy connects and works together to move the company forward.

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Corcoran Senior Interactive Marketing Specialist, Bari Mogil

Social Pros Bari Mogil

Bari Mogil is one half of the digital department of Corcoran, a high-end realty group with over 2,200 agents. She covers content and strategy, while the other half (Anna Samuels) handles analytics and paid ad spending.

Bari identifies individual goals and watches the numbers for each individual channel to see what’s working and what’s not. For example, she focuses on increasing likes and comments on Corcoran’s Instagram, in order to interact with her audience. But Foursquare, as a brand awareness tool, is used differently and the goal changes.

We know that each channel must be viewed individually; it’s not apples to apples. But at the same time, Bari is also keenly aware of the power of a well-integrated plan across multiple channels, like their Live Who You Are campaign. Overall, the goal is to provide valuable information to become a trusted resource to both potential and current customers.

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Gartner Director of Research, Julie Hopkins

Social Pros Julie Hopkins

Julie Hopkins is part of the Gartner for Marketing Leaders Group, a team formed a few years ago as Gartner recognized the uptick in digital marketing spending. As a leader in digital marketing research, Julie sees trends as they emerge, if not before.

Julie emphasizes the increased importance of following and truly understanding analytics. Without sound analytical guidance, “organizations end up feeling very unsure, very lost, and/or misdirected in terms of where they should be directing their spend.” Not only are the tools needed to analyze metrics, but an analytical thought process is desperately needed by marketers.

Hand in hand with the need for analytical minds comes the increased need for the generalist mind. Marketers need to be able not only to see what each individual digital marketing channel can do, but also to knit the pieces together into a cohesive whole in support of marketing goals. If you’re a Social Pro who possesses these abilities, you will be in high demand in 2015 and beyond.

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