The Best Websites Among America’s Top Universities

Attract more students and increase applicants with a highly-effective higher ed website.

Get in-depth look at the top 50 schools in the United States and what makes their websites great.

You have one website and every stakeholder wants (and let’s be honest, sometimes demands) to be on the homepage. It is perhaps one of the most frustrating and ongoing conversations higher education marketing teams engage in across the country.

Convince & Convert reviewed the top 50 universities in the United States,  in order to see how the largest schools represented themselves to the key audiences they serve through their primary online presence. We established a custom 100-point scoring system and analyzed each university’s website against both quantitative and qualitative criteria.

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  • How the top 25 schools ranked overall
  • The five most important factors (not your typical list!) for optimizing a website
  • Top website communication and optimization strategies you can apply to any industry

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