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That’s what I deliver in every speaking engagement.

I deliver keynotes, breakouts, and all-day training sessions on social media using a highly visual, interactive style that doesn’t rely on paragraphs of boring text.

Raves for Jay Baer as a Social Media Speaker

“This seminar was far and away the best presentation of any type (in-person, white paper, webinar, PPT) that I have ever seen on the topic.”

“This was the best Webinar I’ve ever participated in. I’ve been waiting for a social media online seminar that got beyond the “rah-rah you gotta do it” to the specifics of how to do it and do it well. This was just great!”

“Not only does Jason Baer command extraordinary knowledge and expertise on social media and deep understanding about the implications for PR and marketing across multiple industries, but his ability to capture an audience’s attention and imagination for an entire day is unique. Jason’s energy and enthusiasm for the subject matter is infectious and he converts ordinary folk to believers in a very short amount of time.” – John Furth, President – Association of Management Consulting Firms

“We at Strategic America are huge fans of Jay Baer. At our two-day series of staff and client sessions, Jay brought a unique blend of arresting, high-level strategies complemented by many practical, “we-can-do-this” type of applications. Jay knows his stuff and is very capable of delivering it well. More importantly, he spent the time to research our agency and our needs, our existing expertise and our opportunities. SA’s experience with Jay was great. We’ll be back for more.” – Mike Schreurs, CEO – Strategic America

99% of attendees at a recent social media strategy session would recommend it to a colleague.

Speaker rating of 4.75 (out of 5) for a recent social media diagnostic lab at a major marketing conference.

See me sound off.

Social Media Speaker Samples

Social Media Speaker Topics

Here are topics I’ve spoken on recently. I can work with you on a customized presentation, too.

  • Social Media: What It Is and How You Can Use It To Build Successful Brands
  • Why Before How: Creating a Social Media Strategic Plan
  • The 6 Dangerous Fallacies of Social Media
  • The Social Media Train: Catch It If You Can
  • Building Thought Leadership Through Social Networking
  • 7 Steps for Social Media Strategic Planning
  • The 7 Social Media Business Models
  • Mobile Marketing: 160 Characters To Tell Your Customers You Love Them
  • Marketing Sideways to Win at Social Media
  • Email and Search Marketing: The Funnel is Dead
  • LinkedIn: 22 Ways to Dominate

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