Global Brand Leverages Social Media for Recruitment Success


Hilton Hotels & Resorts is a global brand of full-service hotels and resorts.


Headquartered in McLean, VA, USA

Services Provided

  • Social media assessment and recommendations for HR (recruitment and employee engagement)
  • Monthly consulting, overseeing implementation
  • Paid social media recommendation
  • Screening, interviewing, and hiring of social media team


How does a major global employer keep up with talent recruitment in an increasingly competitive environment? Their mission is complicated by the reality that tens of thousands of positions are on the line across multiple departments, each with a different attraction principle and key benefits, ever-changing technology platforms, and the need to have a unique recruitment strategy for each job category.


Employee recruitment has gotten increasingly competitive as the economy continues to grow and unemployment continues to shrink, particularly in the U.S.

For a large employer like Hilton Hotels & Resorts, this makes the recruiting of tens of thousands of employees needed to staff jobs even more challenging. Job boards are becoming less and less reliable for sourcing candidates, and big companies are looking for more effective methods to attract and recruit talent.


  • Previous channels such as job boards are saturated, cumbersome, and ineffective.
  • They need to convey different stories and benefits to different talent segments, from housekeeping to front desk to engineering departments.
  • There is an increasingly competitive talent recruitment environment and low unemployment rates.
  • A small recruitment team has limited resources and a high volume of needs from the organization. They are pulled in a lot of directions.


Convince & Convert performed an assessment on how Hilton’s small but mighty recruitment team was allocating their time and resources across the social space. We found they were doing a fantastic job with the resources that they had to tell the story and showcase the Hilton culture.

However, their tracking mechanisms weren’t providing as much information as they could be, leaving an information gap in terms of the impact the mean was having. There was an opportunity to better and more efficiently mine the information they had; in this way, they could improve the ways in which they are presenting the organization.

Convince & Convert made a series of clear recommendations:

  • Create and leverage consistent story lines central to their core recruitment content. This enables repeatability and frees up some of the resources and requirements that were bogging them down. We encouraged them to think more in an episodic way.
  • Implement the 6A’s—a C&C measurement framework that better puts into play how social leads to the bottom line for HR. In this case: job applications (HR’s end game). Answer the question, “How are we effectively getting to that end game with job applications?”
  • Spend paid ad dollars more effectively. Move away from just boosting one-off messages to strategically deploying messages to reach broader audiences.

Social provides a great place to do this that underscores the culture of Hilton. Targeting enables us to get the right content to them at the right time; superior targeting enables the best results.


  • Launched a new measurement system that more effectively connects messages on social with receiving job apps.
  • Implemented a paid social strategy that will more effectively reach different niches within the organization including F&B, housekeeping, front desk, and engineering.
  • Identified a further need within the organization to put into place a specific content strategy. They can more effectively create batched content that can be used throughout the year; batching content will be a new priority to gain efficiencies.

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