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Creating engaging content. Finding the right fit for high-profile influencers. Getting your message out to the right channels. These are all challenges that even some of the top-performing global companies face. Convince & Convert has the right people and the right audiences to help you produce meaningful content and promote it on the right channels. We aren’t talking about your regular newsletter or everyday social media. We are talking about in-depth, research-based assets and professionally produced visual media to help connect with your audience.

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We Reach 5 Million Marketers Annually
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Content Marketing Creation

Leverage our experienced team of writers, producers, and researchers to produce highly relevant, impactful content for your brand.

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Influencer Marketing

Bring an expert voice to the table with our influencer services.

B2B Influencer Identification
We curate a mix of high-profile, topical, and micro-influencers that bring an authentic, powerful voice to your brand.
Influencer-Led Short- & Long-Form Content Series
Let us handle the recruiting and production of influencer-led video, audio, or written content to be used across your channels.
Let Us Increase Your Reach

Content Promotion

With more than five million annual audience members and 95% of them having decision-making power, we can get your message out on the right channels.

Dedicated Email
Need to up registrations or downloads? Provide us the destination link and we’ll write the copy and get the word out.
Email Newsletter
Promote your content as one of our three sponsors for our twice monthly ON newsletter.
Podcast Promotion
Spread the word through one of our three host-read sponsorships on our Social Pros podcast.