Convince & Convert founder Jay Baer is an award-winning Internet pioneer, who puts his 26 years of experience to work helping the world’s most iconic brands improve their digital marketing and customer experience. A New York Times best-selling author of six books, Jay is an inductee in the Professional Speaking and Word-of-Mouth Marketing Halls of Fame.

We Help You Connect
With Your Customers

You know how important this is. You already have a robust content marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, word of mouth, or customer experience initiative. The question now is: are you headed in the right direction? What could be better? What should you add? What should you remove? How do you stack up to competitors? What’s next, and what’s just a passing fad.

That’s what we do. We help interesting companies create effective strategies for customer acquisition and retention.

We provide full-service audits and strategic plans; one and two-day workshop intensives; and keynote presentations around the world.

We’re experienced, honest, fast, fair, easy to work with, and our list of clients speaks for itself. Our Net Promoter Score is 78, putting us above Ritz-Carlton in customer satisfaction.

How can we help you?

Consulting Training Speaking

Our Clients Include:

  • TaylorMade
  • Insight
  • Indiana University Foundation
  • Hilton
  • Grand Ole Opry
  • Cisco
  • Arizona State University
  • University of Rochester Medical Center a C&C client

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What Great Brands Do That Good Brands Don't in Content Marketing

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