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Kelly Santina
Kelly SantinaShe/Her


Phoenix, AZ

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Zontee Hou
Zontee HouShe/Her

Director of Strategy

New York, NY

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Gini Roberts
Gini RobertsShe/Her

Senior Director of Media and Sponsorships

Phoenix, AZ

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Tom Brecke
Tom BreckeHe/Him

Business Development Manager

Portland, OR

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Vincenzo Landino
Vincenzo LandinoHe/Him

Business Development Director

Palm Beach, FL

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Michelle Saunders
Michelle SaundersShe/Her

Director of Content

Nashville, TN

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Leanna Pham
Leanna PhamShe/Her

Head of Creative & Social Media

New York, NY

Get To Know Leanna
Anthony Helmstetter
Anthony HelmstetterHe/Him

Strategist & Research Analyst

Spring Hill, FL & Playas del Coco, Costa Rica

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Daniel Lemin
Daniel LeminHe/Him

Senior Strategist

Los Angeles, CA

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Anna Hrach
Anna HrachShe/Her

Senior Strategist

Phoenix, AZ

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Jennifer Harmon
Jennifer HarmonShe/Her

Content Strategist & Creator

Orlando, FL

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Amanda Stevenson
Amanda StevensonShe/Her


Atlanta, GA

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Sunny Hunt
Sunny HuntShe/Her


Austin, TX

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Jay Baer
Jay BaerHe/Him

CPAE, Founder

Bloomington, IN

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In Loving Memory Christin “Tink” Kardos
In Loving Memory Christin “Tink” KardosShe/Her

Community manager 1974-2021

We miss you dearly.

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