Audience Research

Companies who don't understand their audiences will fail.

Understanding audiences, prospects, and customers is more important than ever. And not just for businesses in highly competitive or volatile industries.

Customer qualification criteria, buying intent, and triggers change frequently and using outdated research can lead to disastrous outcomes when targeting a customer segment that may no longer exist. 

Customer personas created even three years ago can now be considered liabilities instead of assets for your marketing and communication efforts.

Bottom line: You can’t meet your audience in the channels where they spend time, with a compelling message, at the right time in their buying journey, if your assumptions and research are outdated.

What do you get when we generate audience research for you?

Dig into your audience with a survey with current data that can give you the most visibility into their needs and preferences. We will help you with generating research, qualitative and/or quantitative, to gather those data insights.

As a result of our bespoke audience and prospect research, our clients receive: 
  • Identification of key messaging points and unique positioning opportunities built for your unique audiences and their motivations and desired outcomes vs. the competitive set and even inertia

  • Prioritization of key content channels, pacing, and best-match tone and voice that bridges the requirements of the brand and needs of the audience

  • Identification of evergreen content formats and topics that support key audiences

  • The latest research on the changing buyer demographics and behaviors as they relate to engagement, platform preferences, purchasing and loyalty. 

Let's meet your audiences' needs with precision.

We conduct qualitative and quantitative audience and prospect research to begin understanding your high-priority audiences and mapping out their specific journeys. 

Our audience insights process includes a series of exercises and tools that help us generate an evergreen messaging map that validates audience motivations and helps overcome objections by reducing points of friction throughout the buyer journey.

Our research process allows us to identify what content to create for crucial audiences, when to deliver it, and the channels that will impact identified audiences the most. As a result, we guide our clients in creating content that gets into the minds and thought processes of their key audiences and best-fit prospects.

Our Proven Audience Research Process

We review the goals of the business, perform Key Stakeholder interviews, review recent analytics for current engagement trends, and do a deep dive on any recent existing audience and customer research. 

Using the Critical Business Opportunity as a North Star, we uncover natural segments in the current audience pool and do a deep dive on each of the top audiences. 

Using tools such as surveys, interviews, review mining, and competitive data analysis, we gather the qualitative data that’s necessary for creating strategically-focused content.

We uncover recurring themes throughout the gathered qualitative data and turn it into measurable and prioritized trends, themes and common objections to overcome with content and messaging.

We identify the key KPIs that your team needs to measure to ensure content quality, accurate targeting, and value to the business.

As a result of this process, we create a data-informed audience content strategy with tactical deliverables.
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