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We Can Help You Identify AI Opportunities for Your Organization

If your team has experimented with AI tools, but is not yet clear on how AI can be incorporated into day-to-day workflows, or how to leverage AI to achieve strategic goals, there’s no time like the present to level up your knowledge.


AI Readiness Workshop

Whether your team is looking to increase efficiency in content creation, content atomization, marketing analysis, or marketing personalization, there are opportunities to integrate AI. But your team must also grapple with legal and compliance considerations, data and privacy concerns—not to mention skills training.

If these are the issues your team needs to tackle, this workshop is an excellent next step to build your knowledge of how AI relates to your organization goals and audience needs. It will also start you on the path to identifying where to leverage AI in your daily marketing operations to gain efficiency.

This workshop will address such questions as:

What are the applications of AI technology in a marketing context, and what are the key considerations we must take into account?
How can a team that’s not 100% ready to build an AI practice today still plan for the future?
How can AI be integrated into my organization’s tools, operations, and strategy?
How can we make the most of AI in our marketing efforts?
What To Expect With Our AI Readiness Workshop
Benefits You Receive
  • An accelerated program designed to ensure your marketing team is well-versed in the lexicon of AI and its strategic possibilities, in the context of your business

  • A low-barrier commitment ($ and time) to begin to set up your team for future AI growth; you'll gain small efficiencies in staff time in the future, allowing the workshop to pay for itself

  • A direct answer to leadership asking, “What are we doing with AI?”

  • A professional development opportunity for staff, as being an AI-educated marketer will be the in-demand skill set for future positions
  • How It's Delivered
  • Planning meeting: We uncover your specific use cases, assess your team’s current level of understanding, and learn your organizational goals

  • Two-hour, hands-on workshop: You receive all presentation materials and a recorded version of the training

  • Follow-up action plan: Based on outcomes discussed during workshop, this includes written next steps for team to continue evolving

  • Customized to your needs: Each engagement is customized to your organization's goals
  • World-Class AI Speakers

    Many of our team members deliver stage presentations, keynote speeches, conference breakout sessions and more, both in person and in virtual settings. Covering all areas of our firm’s strategic focus, we have professionally trained speakers ready to deliver your team training.

    In addition to our strategists, Convince & Convert is connected to a wide network of key opinion leaders who speak at events and create custom content on the topic of AI. If you are looking for an AI expert to partner with your company for a future event or campaign, let us know.

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