Who Influences the Audience You Need To Reach?

Key Opinion Leader Identification & Activation

Let us find the influencers (otherwise known in B2B as key opinion leaders or KOLs) you should be engaging. Our knowledge of the market, relationships, custom research, and analytical tools allows us to identify topical and micro-influencers that can reach niche audiences and magnify your content’s reach. We create background dossiers where you can compare, contrast and ultimately determine who fits your influencer marketing needs. We form the introductions and coach the negotiations on the final set of selections, we also work with the individuals on their content delivery and promotion.
Add Authority Outside of Your Own Branded Voice

Influencer-Led Short & Long-Form Content Series

We work with our large network of influencer relationships + your desired list of thought leaders in order to create a winning, ongoing series of live events (livestreams, webinars, or similar) that create astonishing and high-quality leads. Whether you have partners of your own or want us to source them, we help produce ongoing content that can be used across a multitude of marketing channels.

Custom packages include a dedicated email to our list and paid social promotion (at our expense).

Get Influencers That Amplify Your Brand

Partner With Convince & Convert

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