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Google’s Ad Planner Will Demystify Internet Media Buying


Lots of hand wringing this week as Google launched their new Ad Planner, an online site comparison tool that utilizes data from Google members (pretty much the whole world) to categorize and evaluate Web sites. This comes on the heels of Quantcast’s unveiling of their free Media Planner tool, which offers similar functionality. Until now, […]

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Head of Giant Media Agency Totally Misses the Point of the Web


Media Daily News reporting from the Advertising Research Foundation conference in NYC says that Lee Doyle, CEO of Mediaedge:cia (who bill themselves as the world’s first global media planners) believes “low-interest” advertisers aren’t embracing the Web. Why? Lee says it’s because consumers don’t use the Web to research paper towels or household goods…. Wow. So […]

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Are you spending enough on digital marketing?

GroupM (the holding company for all of the WPP media agencies), issued a new report saying that share of spend on digital and interactive media has increased from 8% in 2005 to 14% this year. They project the total to increase to 16% next year as new digital marketing tactics like mobile and behavioral targeting […]

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Why Social Media Isn’t Marketing At All


What’s the worst thing about social media? The name “social media.” It’s incredibly vague, and that lack of definition has enabled “social media” to become a watered-down, catch-all term with different meanings for each person – like “recreational drugs” and “process improvement.” The Characteristics of Social Media: Duration: Ongoing Target: Current and previous customers Goal: […]

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How to calculate your PPC budget and success


Q. I’m interested in pay per click search engine advertising, but I don’t know how much it will cost. Help! A. Projecting costs for pay per click can be as mysterious as Britney Spears’ career plan. Like success in Iraq, multiple factors determine your PPC budget and success level, and they are inter-related. The single […]

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Search Results Go Boom: Does the Google Bomb Work?


Q. A disgruntled employee built a Web page that’s very negative about my company. Now when you search for my company’s name, his page comes up before mine. I think this is hurting my business. Is there a way I can push his page down so fewer people see it? A. Dealing with publicity from […]

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Blogs and the new transparency of communication

Unless you’re a recently thawed caveperson, you’ve heard about blogs. No current-day buzzword is as buzzy as “blog” which leapt from geek-dom to mainstream faster than the evaporation of Bode Miller’s career. (author’s note: Since this was written, Mr. Miller has been resurgent and won this year’s overall World Cup skiing title. Apologies Bode) Blogs […]

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Is 2006 the Tipping Point for Internet Ads in Arizona?

Malcolm Gladwell is an author, pundit, and Carrot Top doppelganger who doles out bite-sized business wisdom like popcorn chicken. He posits in The Tipping Point that when enough of the right people start to perpetuate a trend, it can catch fire and grow geometrically almost overnight. 2006 will be the year that local online advertising […]

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Botox For Your Web Site


Make these changes now to improve online results Thousands of Web sites built circa 2000-2002 are showing signs of wear and fatigue like a dot com Larry King. Today’s trend is away from flashy, narcissistic pandemics about why YOUR bolt and fastener company is the BEST, and toward obvious, easy-to-use, functional Web sites that respect […]