David Weekley Homes

David Weekley Homes

Social Success for a Major Home Builder


David Weekley Homes is the largest privately owned home builder in America.


Headquartered in Houston, TX, USA,  and operating in 22 markets across the country

Services provided

  • Social media strategy
  • Content consultation
  • Customer experience consultation
  • Training and education
  • Reporting and measurement


How do you make an already-major player in the home builder market an even bigger success on social? As if that wasn’t challenging enough, how do you do it when they have siloed marketing leads across the country and regional marketing offices creating content? For David Weekley Homes, the Convince & Convert solution was simple. Give them the confidence to succeed from the start, become their true strategic partner, spot trends, and train and advise on best practices and industry shifts.


Home builders have often struggled with social media. Committing to the channel in multiple markets can be a major investment, and many builders have a hard time mapping social outcomes to the complex and infrequent consumer funnel inherent in the industry. At the same time, consumers have been slow to favorite and follow an industry focused on hyping, instead of helping.

David Weekley Homes doesn’t follow the industry’s approach of using social as a direct response and call-to-action mechanism. Instead, their social program is a reflection of their core mission: Building Dreams, Enhancing Lives. David Weekley Homes is a special company and have the awards for corporate culture to prove it. They just needed the right team to help them bring those values to life online.


Although David Weekley Homes was already naturally positioned for creating winning content, there were still significant challenges:

  • The brand was new to the social space, with nascent social accounts and no content living off their own website. They needed help developing the right social and content strategy and properly translating their stories.
  • They have multiple community locations with a wide range of price points. This meant they needed to communicate to different audiences. At the same time, they needed to develop messaging consistency among the disparate local marketing offices.
  • Lead nurturing needed to become a major commitment. David Weekley Homes had to become comfortable knowing conversions through social media could take longer.
  • Investments in paid social media advertising and A/B testing were critical to reaching the right audiences at the right time, especially in an era of declining reach.
  • Convince & Convert and David Weekley Homes would need to partner to pave new ways for the home builder to meaningfully engage on social networks.
  • David Weekley Homes needed social media, online customer service, and content marketing training, to seamlessly execute at the national and local levels simultaneously.


Convince & Convert started by auditing David Weekley Homes’ existing social channels and audience engagement metrics. This gave us a valuable baseline to work from and highlighted immediate opportunities. At the same time, we also helped the brand translate and communicate their story.

The audit and brand story components helped inform a detailed content and paid promotions roadmap. Key content tent poles included their passion for their customers, commitment to their craft, and care for the communities in which they live and work.

Once the brand story and strategy were established, we selected the appropriate social channels based on in-depth audience research, competitive analyses, goal alignment and engagement opportunities.

Convince & Convert and David Weekley Homes then worked together to tackle the issue of creating content on a national level while maintaining regional relevance. The solution was to create a hub-and-spoke social publishing model. The “hub” is one person who manages the parent David Weekley Homes social accounts, and aligns with the brand’s email and creative teams. The “hub” then distributes content to the “spokes,” who are regional marketing managers. This approach ensures a seamless brand experience, no matter where they engage with customers.

Once the publishing model was set, and content was seeing results, Convince & Convert then stepped back to let David Weekley Homes execute as a team. Today, we continue to be their biggest cheerleader and strategic advisor, shifting tactics and introducing new opportunities as needed. This includes a recent revision of the brand’s social media customer service playbook.


  • Number one in their competitive set for engagement on Instagram
  • Number one in their competitive set for followers on Instagram
  • Consistently holds second highest social engagement rate, without having to outspend competitors

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