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National Acute-Care and Home Health Provider Seeks to Utilize Social Media to Advance Direct-to-Consumer Marketing


Kindred Healthcare is a healthcare services company that operates long-term acute-care hospitals and provides rehabilitation services in a variety of settings.


Louisville, KY

Services Provided

  • Social media assessment
  • Social media strategic roadmap
  • Internal infrastructure, process, and operational plans
  • Content strategy and activation plan
  • Social media platform optimization plan
  • Influencer activation roadmap
  • Employee advocacy program pla
  • Measurement framework for social media
  • Social media executive positioning recommendations


How does a Healthcare company that has focused mainly on B2B marketing to grow shift into speaking directly to the consumer to educate and empower? Kindred Healthcare sought to understand how to effectively utilize social media to scale its B2C marketing efforts to empower individuals and their families with the information that will help them to make an informed decision about their care.

Kindred Healthcare long recognized the opportunities of social media, but the team wanted to connect social media practices to business goals and understand how they could effectively build their marketing team structure and processes to deliver on the concepts that make social media work. They also wanted to optimize the current channels so that each channel had a distinct role but were all working together to drive success.


With a deep history in marketing its acute-care services to other healthcare businesses, Kindred had begun ramping up efforts to communicate directly to the consumer to empower and educate them and their families about care options. The majority of these efforts to date had been done via traditional advertising campaigns and some social media, although the bulk of existing social media efforts centered on customer service. Across the organization, there was ambiguity in terms of social media’s purpose, its opportunity and how to measure its success. Kindred needed a social media strategy and associated content approach with a phased plan on enhancing the internal infrastructure to support those efforts.


  • Kindred had low brand awareness and was trying to communicate a subject matter that can be difficult to discuss.
  • Content efforts to date had been center on traditional advertising with long-lead times for creative development.
  • Healthcare is continually ranked as one of the least customer-friendly industries.
  • The marketing team structure was not built for the quick and nimble needs of a successful social media strategy.


Convince & Convert performed a rigorous assessment of how the various teams across the institution were reaching consumers today, understood the various ideas on the role and purpose of social media and studied how the competitive set was using social media to reach consumers. With no competitor successfully utilizing social as a scalable lead tool, Kindred had the opportunity to take advantage of this space using a combination of paid and organic tactics.
Convince & Convert build a social media roadmap with the two expressed goals to build brand awareness and preference and drive referrals and admissions. In order to do that, five key areas of focus emerged that drove the tactical execution plan:

  1. Plan informed and integrated content throughout the consumer journey that can be utilized across social media based on what we know about the consumer./li>
  2. Optimize the priority of social media channels to more effectively distribute the right content to the right audiences.
  3. Empower and partner with employees and customer families to help share the heart of Kindred Healthcare to bring an increased relevance and trust to the content.
  4. Align the marketing structure for social media excellence moving from siloed departments to an active content company.
  5. Build a measurement framework that delivered a better understanding of social media’s business impact.

Tactical concepts and execution instructions were delivered against these five key areas of focus. Sample recommendations included:

  • A crawl-walk-run approach for building an integrated digital content and reputation team with corresponding org charts, job descriptions, process and technology recommendations
  • A content strategy with five content pillars driving all social media stories
  • A topic archeology process to uncover the key consumer questions that will provide the underlying content for those pillars
  • A plan to develop an employee advocacy program to champion Kindred in their own network
  • Instructions on conducting an influencer assessment to identify potential partnerships with influencers


  • Counseled Kindred through the implementation of the updated social media strategy facilitating cross-departmental alignment conversations that resulted in the increased effectiveness of social media.
  • Delivered master social media tracking framework template that was then integrated into a technology system to automate social media metrics and more effectively tied back to business objectives.


Texas Exes – Alumni Association for The University of Texas
Austin, Texas USA
Services Provided
Like many alumni organizations across the country, Texas Exes saw declining engagement, challenges with hitting giving goals, and in general, had a harder time getting the attention from their target audiences. It was a good time to re-connect and re-assess alumni sentiment and needs.
Although the Texas Exes had a strong organization and following, they still faced significant challenges:
  • Generally speaking, the University of Texas at Austin has a very decentralized culture, which pervades every related organization and department.
  • Texas Exes wanted to make sure that teams used to operating independently didn’t just see this research as something for the marketing team to use in crafting giving pitches, but data that could inform and guide every area, from student outreach, to events, to fundraising and beyond.
Convince and Convert started by implementing an attitudinal survey that asked alumni how they felt about the association generally, events and benefits, as well as their feelings about their time at the University of Texas at Austin. Convince & Convert then performed a thorough analysis, developed personas, recommended strategies, and content ideas that would support the needs and desires of the alumni. One of the key findings was that the alumni’s main unmet desire was more professional interaction, including networking, mentoring and job opportunities. When COVID hit, it became clear that they had a significant opportunity not to just move events online but do so in a strategic and intentional way. Texas Exes had been in conversation with Graduway, a platform that provides a private social network with robust features, for more than a year. In six weeks, Convince & Convert helped the Texas Exes accelerate this concept, finalize their contract, and plan a launch strategy. In addition, Convince & Convert helped organize conversations beyond just Texas Exes alumni needs to include Career Services, Athletics, and a number of colleges within the university to ensure they all had some ownership in how their corner of the platform would come together.
Convince & Convert crafted plans for each of their service areas to evolve to better match the needs uncovered in the survey. Texas Exes was proud to have the most successful higher ed launch Graduway has ever experienced and are using the insights gathered from this active and engaged group to develop and refine future plans for the organization and the university. Reached 8,000+ users in four months after virtual networking space rollout.

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